Groupon Employees Surpass Mid-Year Volunteering Goal!

pOejJa_jAkf6lS0OwDZUc302tJUS5d9I8TZm7b90fCaWKIT7FGFu9jMLowlaspa0_2IZ7Lka9OCMSMPfnnYaqQWmVWkWbpnLASfqK-M5XPlYkTDhJEkiuOWufvqIG2ER0wYou’ve heard of a dance-a-thon, read-a-thon, and a marathon, but during the months of May and June at Groupon, employees participated in Groupon’s Super-Competitive, Very Serious Employee Volunteer-a-thon. During those two months, Employee Volunteer Program chapters through offices in North America hosted 82 events, helping us completed 5,474 out of our 2014 goal of 10,000 hours of service to local communities, and surpassing our goal of 5,000 volunteer hours before the end of June.RchWUwrstrFIcc2JWhJ2k2tl3DHOmnGmDHw3vB5aBdddF2tBMK1CFC8YRuV7IwLrBAKM77px-UzspU7rWEkJShFu5zFNRNKonWR4fVegMPew8UPAy5jcKAB8CnUMNQAwJQ

A big focus of Groupon’s employee volunteer program is team volunteer outings, which engage numerous employees and promote team bonding and skill development. To date in 2014, we have had 17 participate, with Engineering, Sales, and Marketing coming in as top departments for participation. Many of Groupon’s top leaders have also joined in to make a difference.

 J_d8gTl-fuhnrwSfa-NEaler0k2vFtMsKhvNGwwklecepLBeMDJecKXQww67ZhQ8II01pBi6kx6HANdU5xbQpEc9JzObpqBcUxxEAHPZUhsB7EurTUeExGpmzWSHaat5xwTo kick off the volunteer-a-thon, we launched our new volunteer platform, VolunteerMatch, in all of North America and UK in April to help employees search and sign-up for volunteer opportunities in their local area, and track their contribution to our company goal.

We look forward to engaging even more employees in having a meaningful impact in their communities as we continue to our goal of 10,000 hours of service in 2014.