Groupon Engagement

When a Groupon employee uses a Groupon to propose to another Groupon employee, not only do the eyes involuntarily cross at the concept, but the heart swells from happiness.

Self-proclaimed “huge nerds”, Tabitha (Customer Service) and Zach (Editorial), purchased the Wizard World Groupon the second it went on the site. There was no need to roll a perception check, they knew it was the right thing to do.

With the video help of another Customer Service representative and friend, Haily, they were able to capture the adorable proposal at the Chicago Comic Convention with a perfect celebrity cameo at the end. Tabitha told us:

It’s hard to hear, but it starts “Tabitha I love you so much,” and ends with “Will you marry me?” I can’t remember the middle part, because I was feeling too many feelings.

Congratulations, Tabitha and Zach!

  • SO GREAT!!!!! And with Capt. Picard’s blessing, no less! Congratulations! Adorable 🙂

  • I’m very happy for you both. Grow old together.

  • Congrats you two! This is (at least) the second proposal Groupon has been a part of.

  • I was introduced to Zach through a good friend a few years back. He refused to shake my hand, he lit a match off of my face for his cigarette and then he rolled his eyes and said “Stop bringing the help to my shows” and walked away.

  • That’s awesome. Someone proposed during the Bruce Campbell panel too! And boy am I mad I didn’t know there was a Groupon to Wizard World. pout

  • Hi , have written to the Groupon support 7 days ago and havent heard back from them , My order has processed twice and I wanna cancel one of them . Also I have been trying to connect to 02035100410 for the past 2 hrs and no respone , COuld you please address this issue ASAP. Thanks!

  • Sushma

    Thanks for your patience. We have forwarded this along to the CS team at Groupon UK and hopefully they’ll be in touch soon.

    Thea @ Groupon

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