Groupon Goes Gourmet

Groupon is featuring indulgent deals this week, allowing you to pamper your palate with deals on gourmet fare. Treat your taste buds and live a decadent lifestyle all within the confines of your own home.

  • Cake Pop Creations – Bundled in cheerful packaging, diminutive cakes on sticks come in flavors including blackberry, bacon and beer, and key-lime pie
  • Chefs Kitchen Outdoor Barbecue Set: 20-piece set includes stainless steel utensils with built-in hooks and durable metal storage case
  • Lobster Bake from Hand-selected Maine lobsters range from 1–1.25 lb., and quick-prep dinner for two requires less than an hour in the oven or on the grill
  • Devo Olive Oil – Online store sources 65+ extra-virgin olive oils, crafts more than 20 varieties of pastas, and assembles artful gift baskets
  • Gourmet Salami Package: A sampler pack of salamis made with natural meats includes 8 ounces each of herb, black peppercorn, Milano, rosette Lyon, and hot sopressata

If you find yourself dining with a famous food critic while redeeming your Groupon, show him he’s no better than you by dropping any of these food descriptors into the conversation:

Appetizing:  A dish that is appealing to look at, smell, and feel
Well-Done:  A steak cooked so perfectly you offer to pay 60% above menu price
Handsome:  Primarily used to describe salads that have been arranged so that the topmost layer vaguely resembles the face of a man with no scars
Syrumptious:  A great-tasting dish that you imagine would have been even greater had it been soaked overnight in 100% pure maple syrup
Legvine:  Any dish that is both divine and traditionally eaten by shoveling it into your mouth with a turkey leg
Salty:  Tasting of salt, either because of the way the chef prepared it or from your steady stream of tears

  • I love the cake pop creations! The kids are going to die when I make for the 4th of July

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