Groupon Grassroots Kicks Off Social Venture Week!

Happy New Year!

At Groupon, one reason we’re passionate about promoting local business is because of all the benefits they bring to local communities. Today, we’re taking our impact up a notch by featuring a collection of mission-driven businesses that use the power of the market to drive societal or environmental change. Having been born out of The Point’s social enterprise model, we’re excited to pay it forward and help these social ventures!

Through Groupon Grassroots, we’re launching Social Venture Week and the expansion of Groupon Payments to all Groupon Grassroots social venture partners and Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA) members. For the next 14 days, a series of social ventures across the country will be featured on the Groupon site. Additionally, all social venture partners will now be offered the Groupon Payments tool — a convenient and cheaper way to accept credit cards — at the merchant preferred rate. Credit card fees can be a burden for mission-driven organizations: Groupon Payments relieves that strain and simplifies the process.

The campaign will showcase a variety of causes, ranging from youth mentorship and disability programs to employment training and upcycle innovation. The social ventures in the series include:

Groupon’s work with social ventures isn’t something new. Last year, Groupon Grassroots, Groupon Getaways and Spark Ventures collaborated to offer Groupon subscribers a once-in-a-lifetime volunteer trip to Zambia. The trip is set to commence January 19, and you can find personal updates from Grouponers on the blog.

And if you have any doubt that Groupon is a tool for activating positive change in the world, check out the story from featured partner Project Repat, which credits Groupon Grassroots with jumpstarting its business.

We’re really excited for our social venture blitz and hope you are too!

To impact,


Groupon Grassroots Manager