Groupon Now! Deals Available On foursquare

Groupon Now!, our real-time deal platform, continues to launch across the country – we’re up to 25 markets! – and we’ve heard from lots of you that Now! is your favorite new way to cure boredom. Thanks again for updating your app and giving the service a try. Our product innovations are largely sparked by feedback from our customers and merchants; this was a marriage of both that is more than just changing the way people shop…it’s becoming an addiction.

When we think of mobile addiction beyond Now! we think foursquare, and many of you guys do, too. So, attention Mayors, Newbies and Badge Bon Vivants – the foursquare check-in just got a little sweeter! Starting today, Groupon is partnering with foursquare to offer deals you can use instantly.

As you get out and explore your city, just peruse participating Groupon merchants on foursquare, from lunch spots to live events, and purchase your Now! deal to apply immediately to your purchase. Groupon Now! features the same high quality merchants you’ve come to expect from us, and we have thousands lined up in each Now! city ready to celebrate your foursquare addiction.

Have you tried Groupon Now!? Found a great Now! deal on foursquare? Comment here and let us know how it went.

  • How does this work? Is it integrated directly into the Foursquare app? Does it work only on iPhone and Android, or does it also work on my Foursquare Blackberry app? Thanks!

  • Looks like a good thing, but the city that you picked out for me is to far away and I never shop in Ocala, so I am unsuscribing

  • Having alot of trouble to place my order. FYI – ur registration process is taking a long time and i am going to renege on the items i ordered; didn’t know there was going to be so much work to order online from

  • Well, congratulations.

    To me, Foursquare is still pretty gimmicky.

    A better partnership would be Groupon+Facebook.

    It seems that now Foursquare is just a coupon aggregator with check-in. Yawn.

  • That’s pretty cool. How does one offer a Groupon Now! deal? And does it conflict with the Foursquare check in offers?

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