Groupon Philippines Announces G-Team

We’re happy to announce that our G-Team made its way overseas! Groupon Philippines will feature an unprecedented online deal on September 11, 2011 to support The Love Yourself Project, which aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines through education and counseling.

The deal aims to raise funds and awareness on the staggering rise of HIV cases in the Philippines. According to a July report from the Department of Health -National Epidemiology Center, the Philippines is in the brink of an epidemic-level spread of HIV. The Philippines is 1 of only 7 countries worldwide where HIV cases are increasing.

Frenzy condoms also agreed to match each Groupon sold with an in-kind donation of condoms, which will be distributed during The Love Yourself Project’s various outreach, testing and counseling sessions.

“We are excited to employ the ‘people power’ model of Groupon’s G-Team to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines,” said Ronivin Garcia Pagtakhan, CEO/President of The Love Yourself Project. “We are honored to be the first organization featured by The G-Team in the Philippines.”

  • I am providing a suggestion from the retailer point of view. I have found myself unsubscribed multiple times from groupon without initiating it. Your e-mail is never in my spam box so find it puzzling that this is happening. It never occurs on other purchase sites such as dailydeal, etc. My suggestion is this: when an account is unsubscribed send them an e-mail verifying it, e.g. “sorry to see you go”. I am an active buyer and you are losing businesss. Bet I’m not the only one with this problem.

  • I would love to go to the philippines to help pass out condoms. My brother lives there.I would also like the chance to visit him.

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