Groupon to Remain Open on Thanksgiving Day Because It’s a Website

And we have some PlayStaytion 4s.

Groupon is offering an extraordinary deal to shoppers this Thanksgiving Day: it’s remaining open for 24 hours, the entire duration of the holiday. And it will feature fantastic deals throughout the holidays — just like every other day.

“I’m glad people are happy, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about,” said Groupon spokesperson, Barnicus Stapleton, Groupon’s Director of Website Openness and author of the pamphlet, <Tag, You’re It> A Child’s Guide to HTML Coding. “We’re a website, so we’re technically open all the time, regardless of holidays. Plus, we’re giving away $100 million in Groupon Bucks on Black Friday. It’d be lunacy to be closed.”

By being open on Thanksgiving Day and also every other day of the year, Groupon hopes to inspire its customers to check Groupon first for great gift ideas instead of climbing in a car and driving to a crowded store full of people they don’t even know, especially if it’s starting to get kind of cold outside.

“Again, I can’t stress enough, we’re not changing the way we’re doing anything,” added Stapleton. “If anything, it would be much more expensive and present an almost impossible technical challenge for us to be closed on Thanksgiving. So, yes—we’ll be ‘open,’ I guess.”

Groupon shoppers will find that by using Groupon to do their holiday shopping this Thanksgiving weekend, they’ll free up time for traditional holiday family activities such as everyone using laptops in the same room as each other or watching Season 2 of something.

Groupon’s Holiday Gift Shop, open Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and every day this holiday season, will feature such items as the elusive Playstation 4 video game system to the 3-story Barbie Dreamhouse, to Groupon’s new Gift Card Collection and outstanding local leisure and wintertime activities. Groupon is a must this week as the shopping season kicks into high gear.

“And remember,” said Stapleton, “we’re open all the time, and we don’t even have a physical store. I don’t know what those two guys who’ve been camped out in front of our office for four days are doing.”

Other than the PlayStation 4, Groupon’s Gift Shop will feature spectacular offers such as NBA team remote control helicopters, ProForm 600 LE Elliptical, Croton, Stuhrling, Diadora & Invicta watches for $49.99, as well as gift cards from top brands and local holiday activities throughout the country.

So yes, Groupon’s open on Thanksgiving.