Groupon Valentine

Groupons are used in all walks of life. Most commonly photographed: skydiving and [marriage proposals]( Both are thrilling with photogenic results.

The most recent proposal involves Murali and Lesantha and the Groupon-featured Chicago restaurant, Zealous. The couple loved Zealous’ first Groupon offered last summer and purchased the most recent one in December. Murali, the future groom, chose to propose at Zealous last Friday night. With the ring in his pocket, he surprised Lesantha during dessert.

Murali followed up with Zealous with these kind words:

To the Chef, and Gracious Staff,

I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart, for helping me on my proposal Friday evening. I honestly couldn’t have done this alone, and was appreciative by the level candor by each and everyone of you. It truly was a night to remember for my fiancée and myself. It’s often hard in this world to see strangers working so closely together to help not a customer, but a guest in your fine establishment. The food is surely had put a smile on our faces, and we will not hesitate to recommend this place for anyone to dine at.

If it wasn’t for Groupon, I would have honestly never had come here last summer to experience the fine dining, and excellent service. I honestly saw that this restaurant; compared to others, that Groupon meant more to you than just increasing revenue. I saw this establishment to bring new customer base in the Chicago land area, and experience quality food for years to come.

Anyway, thank you again, this was memorable night and look forward coming in less stressed out this time, ha ha.

Thank you,

Murali and Lesantha

Congratulations to the happy couple!

  • Thank you guys so much, it was an evening to remember.

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