Groupon’s “Best Of” Deals

Groupon has grown from a deal a day to a site that features countless exciting products, experiences, and destinations for customers. It’s hard to pick a favorite, so we’re releasing a collection of the best deals we’ve ever run. Here are just a few:

To celebrate these “best of” deals, we thought we’d let you know about some other things that won a spot on our “best of” list:

Best Haircut: Wig

Best Dog: None

Best Horse: All

Best Car: Whatever will get me out of this town

Best Food: A bunch of baby carrots realistically carved to look like human babies so that they finally make sense

Best Crime: Stealing your twin brother’s identity so that he is the one who has to work at the famous art museum and you can finally have his job checking on dumpsters to make sure they’re nice and full

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