Grouposal: Halloween Edition

We love a good Grouposal–our customers share their engagement stories, bring a new twist to popping the question, and let us be a part of their exciting day. We can’t help but gush and spread the word of their happiness.

The setting: A drizzly October evening in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Jerilyn’s love for Halloween was the inspiration behind Rosana’s flash mob surprise. Oh, and there just happened to be a Groupon for Cambridge Haunt’s Ghost Tour to provide the perfect cover.

Rosana stated on her blog:

Once upon a time I believed in fairy tales. I believed in them with all my heart. But I had a very hard time believing that they could happen to me…she changed everything.

Watch the video to see what lengths (wrangling dancers, choreographers, friends and family share the moment, not to mention a stunning engagement ring and learning dance moves herself!) Rosana went through to capture the heart of both Jerilyn and the surrounding onlookers.

HVDsq Engagement from Daniella A Rascon on Vimeo.

Again, Rosana:

Groupon helped to make our special night a reality in a very unique way. Needing a way to round up Jerilyn’s family for the engagement without her suspicion, Jerilyn unknowingly selected the perfect event while looking to reenact our first date, which occurred on a ghost tour in Newport, RI. She instantly expressed her interest in the Cambridge Haunt’s Ghost Tour and invited members of both of our families, supplying the perfect excuse for a gathering. Thank you and Groupon for playing a part in the most magical night of our lives and making the planning of this proposal possible!

Want to read the whole story? Visit Rosana’s blog where she documented the whole exciting process.

Thank you for sharing this with us and from all of us at Groupon, congratulations!

  • I cry with happiness every time I see this…

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