Happy Nuptials from Groupon

photo(5)We love hearing about our customers tying the knot, falling in love plummeting out of a plane while skydiving, or battling wedding costs with the help of Groupon. So when we got the fun and unusual request to send our well-wishes to the soon-to-be-married Dr. Brett Bielory and his fiancee, Rada, (who used Groupons during their courtship), we were flattered. Way to make life less boring, you two!

Below is our congratulatory note to the happy couple, read at the rehearsal dinner:

Dear Dr. Bielory:

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 5.18.34 PMOn behalf of Groupon Inc. (“Groupon”), we are pleased to extend our congratulations and best wishes to you and your family on your upcoming marriage to Ms. Rada Steinberg.

Dr. Bielory, we understand that Groupon and its various deal-of-the-day programs have helped you and Ms. Steinberg to further and deepen your relationship. We are pleased to have played a pivotal role in your courtship, and are very impressed by your robust use of our services for some very creative dates. Many of your family and friends know about your Groupon-facilitated painting classes, which yielded impressive art, but more importantly, an extremely memorable and touching proposal in June. But do your guests know about the many other Groupon adventures enjoyed by you and Ms. Steinberg, including the sunset cruises, surfing school and flying lessons?  And do they know how terrified you were to go hang-gliding on another Groupon excursion? We are glad Ms. Steinberg encouraged you to persevere on that outing . . . and to wear dark-colored shorts.  🙂

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 5.18.42 PMAt Groupon, we are very grateful for adventure-seeking, coupon-clipping consumers like you and your fiancée.  We hope the two of you have a blessed marriage, and a lifetime of love and happiness together.

Please keep us in mind when we can help you with children’s clothing, furniture and toys–we’ll have some great deals for you!

From your friends at Groupon, congratulations on this wondrous occasion.