Hiring in Groupon Getaways

Our recruiting department wishes you a happy holiday and wanted to let you know that one of Groupon’s new siblings, Groupon Getaways, is hiring!

We put together a video giving an inside look at Getaways and what type of people we are looking for to fit the bill. We are mainly seeking Account Executives to build relationships with hoteliers and lodging suppliers, but have other roles related to travel available. Please note that the Hovercraft Pilot is currently staffed. If you are interested in applying or viewing all available positions, you can check out www.groupon.com/jobs.

  • Just wanted to give you some customer feedback. I am primarily interested in restaurants. As soon as I see a Groupon announcement in my email, I check out the restaurant on Yelp.com. It has become apparent to me that in most cases, the restaurants using your service are below average, so I’ve found myself generally igoring the groupon restaurant announcements. I suggest you invest in your own future and make it financially worth it for some better restaurants to use Groupon.

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