Holiday Survey Says…

In an effort to bring you a wide variety of gifting options that cater to those you’re happy or forced to shop for, we performed a survey asking our customers about their gifting challenges this holiday season. Of the 1,001 people polled, 60% reported that finding the right gift is the top holiday shopping challenge, followed by staying within budget (56%) and dealing with holiday crowds, long lines and traffic (50%). Here’s what others had to say:

Most Difficult to Shop For

  • Someone who has everything is the most difficult person to shop for says 68% . . .
  • . . . Followed by the unclassified love interest (not an official significant other or ex) (33%)
  • Over ¼ of people said frenemies are the most difficult to shop for

Biggest Fears for Those Shopping for an Unclassified Love Interest

  • Not knowing whether the recipient plans to give a gift in return (36%)
  • Giving something that is too impersonal (28%)
  • Women who have shopped/considered shopping for and unidentified love interest appeared to struggle with this more than men

Let the Re-Gifting Begin

  • Despite misguided tokens of affection at Valentine’s Day or wedding gifts not on the registry, the vast majority of respondents agreed that the holidays are the #1 time of year when recipients are most likely to get a bad gift

Gee Thanks

  • Ugly, ill-fitting and/or inappropriate clothing is the top unwanted gift that people receive (30%).  What do people do with their unwanted gifts?  A majority of respondents keep the gift but hide it away.  Remember that toilet bank you got from your uncle?  It’s probably still in the attic where you left it ten years ago.
  • Respondents also provided a wealth of bad gift details, including:
    • “I received a gun when I was expecting an engagement ring.”
    • “I was given a cheese basket—and I’m dairy free!”
    •  “A ceramic chicken.”
    • “My dad bought me car tires.  It was something I needed but kinda made me sad.”
    •  “Household items—things I have to DUST.”
    •  “I got flowers from an ex.  I hate flowers.’
    •  “One glove.”
    •  “Bright orange poncho dress.”

Top Challenges for Women vs. Men:  Ladies Plan, Men Pine

  • Women are more likely to cite “staying within budget” and “finding the right gift” as top challenges around the holiday season
  • Men are more likely to have purchased or considered a gift for an ex (ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, etc.)

What’s the worst gift you’ve received? Let us know in the comment section! Also, if you’re still stumped as to what to get everyone on your shopping list, check out our Gift Finder and let us do the searching for you!


  • I got a microwave for my first Mother’s Day… it wasn’t even a nice one.

  • haha A ceramic Chicken!! I’ll keep in mind not to be buying any of those for gifts this Xmas!

    My worst gift? I once got a crocheted “Pair” of mittens. One of them was done. The second only had the thumb and now part to cover my fingers. I guess I’d be spoiled if ALL my fingers were covered? 😛

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