Introducing Groupon Payments

In the past, our merchant partners have often told us that their traditional payment systems are expensive and cumbersome–so we stepped up to the plate and developed our own payments service guaranteed to be the simplest and lowest cost option for Groupon merchants to accept credit cards. Today we’re announcing the launch of Groupon Payments, the latest addition to our extensive suite of merchant products and services.

After a successful pilot in the San Francisco Bay area, Groupon Payments is now available to all Groupon merchants in the U.S.! Built into the latest version of the Groupon Merchants app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Groupon Payments facilitates credit card transactions for any Groupon merchant. And since the service is already built into the app, existing Groupon merchants can enroll quickly and smoothly.

Groupon Payments is perfect for any business whether it’s a spa, deli, bar, salon or restaurant. In addition to slashing transaction fees, Groupon Payments offers services that most of the traditional processors don’t. Rather than waiting the typical two or three days for credit card payments to hit an account, Groupon Payments users get paid overnight. It’s never been easier to calculate bill totals, process refunds, redeem Groupon vouchers, email receipts and most importantly, save money!

With the online Groupon Payments Center, business owners can view a live transaction history, check daily sales reports, track deposits to an account and analyze revenue trends. Groupon provides a sturdy audio jack card-swiping device free of charge – merchants can opt for a high-volume case-based reader if they need it. Plus, if there is ever a need to reach us, we’ve put together a dedicated Groupon Payments support team available by phone and email 7-days a week to answer any and all questions.

We’re confident Groupon Payments will make for a better experience between customers and employees, make merchants lives easier with the aggressively competitive rates and extensive features we’re offering, and the operating system for local commerce is becoming an exciting reality.

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  • Heaven forbid if you have an android phone though. Nevermind that there are far more of them than iphones….

  • Why are you chaps still working on physical card reading. This is a transient technology, like NFC, that will disappear quickly.

    If you want to be ahead of the curve then ditch the hardware plugins and join the VCC revolution.

    Happy to show you how you can have immediate mobile payment without any hardware add ons.

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