Jason Fried Joins the Groupon Board of Directors

I’m excited to announce that Jason Fried has joined Groupon’s Board of Directors. Jason is the founder of [37signals](http://www.37signals.com), as well as the co-author of two books and the popular [Signal vs.Noise](http://37signals.com/svn) design blog.

Anyone who’s started a web business knows that you don’t get very far before running into Jason’s work. _[Getting Real](http://gettingreal.37signals.com/)_ — sort of _The Elements of Style_ for building websites — was the first book I read when starting [The Point](http://www.thepoint.com). And [Campfire](http://campfirenow.com/), 37signals’ group chat application, was among the first charges on the company credit card. Almost three years later, we still use it every day.

As Groupon continues to grow, we want to be surrounded by smart people of diverse backgrounds, with strong opinions that they aren’t shy about expressing. That’s why we asked Jason to join our board. Few have been as successful as Jason at creating tools that people love to use, or building a brand that stands for something greater than the utility of its products.

It’s been a tremendous year for Groupon, and Jason’s guidance helps assure that many more will follow.

  • Seriously excited to be part of the board. Thanks again for asking me to be part of such an incredible company. It really is an honor.

  • Wow congratulations guys. Jasons insights into the work-force, life, and business are one of the most inspiring. For a designer, Stefan Sagmeister evens up for whose words inspire me most. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Incredible advisor to an equally incredible company. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes about from this collaboration!

    $23,900,950 saved is an unbelievable number! Wish I lived in Chicago…

  • Groupon and 37signals are two of the most exciting companies coming out of our town – it’s nice to see great minds come together like that.

    Keep making Chicago proud, guys!

  • Great partnership! Nice to see Chicago startups doing well. I wonder if my code is still somewhere there in the bowels of The Point/Groupon.

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