June Photo Contest Winner!

With summer finally here, buffing up on one’s underwater skills is an absolute must. This month we’re applauding Mom Heather for taking her aquatics to an adventurous new level with her daughter Kayla in this fun underwater photo at their recent Groupon SCUBA experience:

Writes Heather,

Last evening my 14-year old daughter, Kayla, and I had a fantastic mother-daughter evening at Diver’s Reef. We used our “Discover SCUBA” Groupon and gave the SCUBA experience a try! Can I just say…we LOVED it! Thanks to Groupon we were given the nudge to jump off the shore and learn something new!

At Groupon we’re all about giving nudges to jump off the shore… or out of planes, onto a horse or into a new yoga class. And better yet, we reward you for doing so. For sharing this fun pic, Heather and Kayla get $100 Groupon Bucks to spend on more mother-daughter bonding around their city. And next month, someone else will get another $100 Bucks for doing the same. Just send your Groupon redemption photos to pictures@groupon.com. Remember, your voucher or mobile app must be in the shot to qualify for the grand prize.

Even if you didn’t win this time around, we always post our favorite pics to flickr.com/groupon, so check back often to see if yours made the cut. Some other favorites this month included these kids at play, some major ziplining and a freshly oiled machine.

Happy July!



  • Sarah, we normally offer internships in the summer, but you can either follow @grouponjobs on Twitter for future postings or email hr@groupon.com to let them know you’re interested.

    Thea @ Groupon

  • Cute! That Groupon held up under water – that’s a telling sign of a good deal.

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