Keep Summer Cool—the Groupon Way

Summer can be unbearable when you’re required to wear so many layers of clothing to protect your skin from the sun. That’s why this week we’re featuring refreshing deals to help keep you cool this time of year.

Melissa & Doug Water Toys Set  – Contrary to popular belief, humans need water to survive. This water toy set includes a sprinkler, bubble kit, spray bottle, and squirters with fun sea-creature designs for children to keep them properly hydrated on the outside.

Summer Frizz Total Solution Package or Hair Products – If the circumference of your hairdo increases with the temperature index, these natural hair products moisturize and protect curls or damaged locks.

Outdoor, Camping, and Traveling Gear – Fireflies and barbeque smells trigger one’s inner camping urge to surface. This online wilderness store stocks outdoor apparel, auto accessories, camping gear, fishing equipment and more.

Takeya Iced-Tea Pitcher and Tea – Brew flavorful teas and chill them in the same pitcher; includes pack of six flavors.

The mercury is rising across the country right now, and Groupon HQ is no exception. Fortunately, we’ve developed a few nontraditional means of beating Father Summer at his own game, such as:

  • Sitting on a throne of frozen peas
  • Wearing a suit made of garbage bags (the bags are filled with frozen peas)
  • Rubbing frozen peas on each other with such vigor as to cool the skin for hours and hours
  • Drinking plenty of water, chilled with a handful of frozen peas
  • Eating delicious peas (frozen)

Try any and all of these techniques to beat the heat at home—or better yet, check out our collection of temperature-defying summertime deals.