Last Minute Gifting? Give a Groupon with the Grouponvelope

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 2.29.14 PM
Sometimes holiday shopping gets away from you. Either you ran out of time, had someone who is hard to shop for on your list, or your Secret Santa was kept a secret from you. Luckily Groupon has 1000s of local deals for you to choose from and provides you with unique experiences to purchase like classes, concerts, or events you might not have considered as an option.

The second challenge is giving a Groupon creatively. You can print a Groupon and roll it up like a scroll, but there’s the risk of burning yourself with that wax seal. Instead, we’re making it easier to digitally gift your Groupon. Your options:

  • Deliver your gift in electronic style with one of our stunning e-cards. Choose from four themes and select a delivery date at checkout.
  • Get your scissors, tape, and printer ink ready. Delight them with a beautiful do-it-yourself Groupon gift envelope and card!

Watch the video to see the Grouponvelope in action and log in to your account to print yours!