Live Off Groupon Concludes

Live Off Groupon comes to a close and Mayor Daley proclaims May 10th “Groupon Day”!

Chicago’s finicky spring held back its rain and blessed 600 W. Chicago with sunshine as employees poured out to the front steps to welcome The Groupawn back to Chicago. After a year of living solely off of Groupons, Josh’s adventure came to a close and he successfully Lived Off Groupon. The entrance to Groupon’s headquarters were lined with a green carpet, friends and family, and an amazing drum line hailing from King College Prep High School that punched morning in the face with an explosive, percussive fist.

In a press gathering, Josh took the time to answer some questions about his year-long adventure in front of a sea tee-shirts emblazoned with The Groupawn’s image. Although he said he didn’t have any plans just yet after his great journey, he noted that he’d been living that way this past year and wasn’t too thrown by the idea of uncertainty.

Just before Josh was awarded an over-sized victory check, Mayor Daley appeared on the jumbo screen and congratulated The Groupawn on his efforts. The mayor, who’s no stranger to Groupon and is also in his final week of office, complimented Groupon for it’s Chicago-based innovation and how proud he was to have us here in this city. We collectively blushed. Daley declared May 10th “Groupon Day” and confetti guns rocketed down from the second floor onto the crowd.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the Live Off Groupon year a success and congratulations to Josh!

You can check out more video about the event HERE.

  • Oh, man, you should have LiveStreamed it. I would have watched. Please add me to your PR distro list, I have actually talked with Julie!

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