Maverick: Customer Service

Like a boastful mother, we always mention that our Customer Service team contains a pack of multi-talented artists, plate jugglers, and flame throwers. Not only are they dedicated to helping customers, they’re dedicated to their art outside of Groupon. Today we bring you a combination of the two with another video by Ben and Brandon featuring additional CS reps, Andrew, Megan, and James.

  • Awesome customer service! I had an issue with a purchase and sent an email to cs. It was responded to and issue resolved within 1/2 hour.

    Thank you!

  • Can you PLEASE post a full-length music video starring Maverick? That was incredible.

  • Can I work there too? Are you single? You have a screaming monkey slingshot…sigh…

  • I had purchased a Groupon coupon for dinner at Jalapeno’s in Walpole, MA. What it did not state was that it was not accepted on Cinco de Mayo (last night), and we went there to have dinner and use the coupon. I was very disappointed. We stated and ate there, but now we have to go back again (which we probably would have anyway, but it’s not that convenient for us) because I’ve paid for the coupon. Why didn’t the coupon have that particular disclaimer?

  • Mmmm I relate to this because I too often times use a hammer to fix my laptop.

    I for one have not had to deal with Groupon CS because all of my groupon experiences have gone great!

  • Really. Funny. I would, however, like to hear what Matt Kahler has to say about customer service. He can play the banjo.

  • Bought 2 dine for two at the above costing
    me £15 each
    called to make booking and they refused
    saying groupon wasn’t refunding them
    very disapointed with you
    first time I’ve bought a deal
    shan’t bother again
    please refund my account asap

    julie sowerby

  • Love It!! I think I need a groupon account!

  • Jan,

    Sorry for any frustration! Can you send us an email at so we can follow up with you and the merchant and reach a satisfactory solution?


    Thea @ Groupon

  • I recently moved, how can I change my city to match where I am not?

  • Donna, you can manage your subscription under “My Account”. Click “Manage email subscriptions” to update the zip code. If you’re having trouble, please contact us at Thanks!

    Thea @ Groupon

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