Meet a Factchecker

Popular to contrary belief, facts are not just something you make up. As a Factchecker at Groupon and proud owner of a fine-toothed comb, Kieran tells us how many details he pays attention to on a daily basis:

On the not-so-top floor of the not-quite-tallest building downtown, a group of bright, young, mostly-bespectacled individuals sit clamoring over their keyboards, picking up phones, hanging up phones, lifting their distressed hands to their foreheads, and clicking away as fast as their little fingers can into the far reaches of the worldwide web (aka information superhighway).

They’re checking facts. They’re Factcheckers. And lucky for you, I, Kieran Michael Kredell, happen to be a Factchecker, myself.

Kieran - Factchecker and Bicycle Enthusiast

As Factcheckers at Groupon, our job is to ensure that (1) everything written and published about our merchants and about our deals is accurate, (2) there are no hidden expenses that would distort the stated value of any deal, (3) there are no super-secret caveats to a deal that would restrict people from actually buying it, (4) this is the best possible deal and that there are no competing discounts available anywhere that would devalue it. Then with smaller teams of us dedicated to the company’s newer project launches (the Getaway and Home & Garden channels, for example), this task list reaches into the double digits. Or triple. Probably quadruple. On a normal day, we spend hours scouring our merchants’ websites for correct business names, locations, phone numbers, and pricing information. Since we have such a diverse multitude of featured merchants (some of whom have little internet presence), this process can exhausting at times. Similarly, certain kinds of details about a business can be hard to come by without some clever prying; one of their locations closed yesterday, there’s a new manager, kids eat free, they offer a discount to their Facebook friends, etc. Throughout the day, we are in constant communication with the sales teams responsible for the deals we research. Having built prior relationships with these merchants, the sales staff is able to provide us with any bits of information we need to confidently and accurately launch deals. At the core of our work is a deep commitment to corporate transparency and ensuring great customer experiences.

Being a Factchecker has a number of juicy benefits. I, for example, have managed to gather in the past three months more information about pole-dancing, colonics, and — er, shall we say — intimate laser hair removal than I ever imagined I would in my whole life. I guess some folks say the greatest gift of all is the gift of knowledge. If this is the case, being a Groupon Factchecker is a delightfully eccentric baby shower that never, ever ends.

  • We are a restaurant in Branson, MO and we are wondering if there is anything Groupon can do to help us out here. I only see locations for the “bigger” cities and would like to know when Groupon might look at the profits a town like Branson might realize for them?

  • Sounds fun, Thea. Thanks for the insight :]

    Looks like a dream job for me!

  • Buck, sorry to hear this. Do you have a CS ticket number so we can follow up with the rep further and see if there’s anything we can do?

    Thea @ Groupon

  • Brandon, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately we don’t have any launch dates we can provide for you at this time. We’ll pass along the city suggestion to our city planners since it’s always the goal to expand our reach. If you have further questions, you can always follow up with us at

    Thea @ Groupon

  • Love the writers – I always “read more about this deal” just to get a chuckle from the writing of each description…. nice job guys!! 🙂

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