Meet a G-Team Coordinator

With the G-Team launching in more cities soon, we asked one of their Twitter-savvy team members about the role social media plays in a successful G-Team campaign:

My name is Jessica Schultz and I am one of the new G-Team Coordinators at Groupon. I consider myself a charitable chick in the fact that I am always busy participating in philanthropic work and giving back any way I can.

So far the G-Team is live in Chicago, Austin, New York, LA, San Francisco, DC, Portland, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Philadelphia! To manage all of the new G-Team cities, our team has grown to meet the needs. We like to call ourselves “The G-Team, Dream Team.” We help makes dreams come true–well, sort of. We give nonprofits and individuals the use of our Groupon platform for three days to reach their “Tipping Point” in hopes of raising money and connecting with local residents.

G-Team campaigns change the way nonprofits and individuals fundraise and make an impact. Our job is to work with these people to find a project-specific need and offer it to their city.

To help spread the word about G-Team, Groupon, and the cities I will be managing, I rely on the power of social media. I have what some call a “Twitter Crush” on Twitter. Using my network of followers, the power of hash tags and 140 character tweets, Twitter opens the door to finding leads and participants in my cities. Campaigns are more likely to be successful when you engage with your audience. I use Twitter to discover nonprofits, promote a current campaign, and to inform my followers of what I am up to. Social media and fundraising are like a couple whose work is becoming more and more intertwined–much like Groupon and The Point which eventually found a way to unite and form the G-Team.

Be sure to check us out and to follow our work. I am excited to see where the G-Team Dream Team will go in the coming months and the impact the campaigns will be making in the lives of others. Being charitable does wonders when you really give it a try. Be sure to check out what G-Team campaigns are running in your city!

You can suggest a nonprofit and check out more information about the G-Team HERE and also follow Jessica on Twitter @JessicaLouiseS.



  • This sounds like a great way to get charities involved! Would love to see it in Calgary, Alberta Canada too! 🙂

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