Meet a Groupon Employee

Though Groupon culture is best witnessed in person, from a safe distance of six feet and twelve inches, we’ve asked a few of our eclectic, hard working employees to answer a few questions about what makes them tick.

Name: Christian Jehling

**Department:** Sales

**Other Talents**: I am a hockey player: Clybar Cougar Hunters – Johnny’s Icehouse B2 League.

**What’s a typical day like for you?**

I get to work between 8 and 8:30.  I put my lunch in the fridge, grab a cup coffee and begin my day.  I try to plan out each day the day before so I can come in and get after it.  Then I slang.  I try to slang as hard as I can everyday.  Some days you really have it. Some days you don’t.

**How high can you jump and why?**

I have a 24 inch vertical.  I am like LeBron in 6th Grade.

**What have you learned since working here?**

I learned that even though we are individuals working alone on smaller projects, we are all pulling in the same direction and our biggest asset is the ability to bounce creative ideas off of people willing to give honest and intelligent advice.

**What’s your smallest regret?**

Turning down the job offer I had the day I got the interview with Groupon.

**What was your best/memorable experience so far with this company?**

The whole experience is kind of mind-blowing.  I remember introducing myself to the company when we all fit in the kitchen of 8th floor. Now new people walk in everyday.  A little surreal.

**Before Groupon, what was the best job you had and why?**

I used to flip burgers at a half house at this exclusive Country Club in the suburbs of St. Louis.  The free golf, food, and carefree day was something to love.

**What should people know about Groupon?**

It’s all fun and games in the press, but this place has people that break their necks for each other to do a good job.

**Which zoo animal are you least similar to?**

The Platypus – but isn’t that everybody’s?

**What do you like about working here?**

The people, no doubt.

**Go ahead and make up a Shakespeare quote.**

A changing office space is the only constant.

  • I purchased a Bath and Body Works deal but I am unable to figure out how to get the $10 deal from groupon which expires 2/2/11. Please reply

  • First of, please! Not everyone has a website! I had to enter an old, unused one to leave this comment. Secondly, I like to look at the groupons that are going to be available where I plan to travel, but after wards, would like to be able to unsubscribe. Haven’t found how to do that yet.
    Next, so where can I find the other groupons available in the area besides the one personalized to me? Still have had no luck trying to click and follow on the web site or on the email links.
    Love groupon, by the way and have gotten 3 friends hooked on it.

  • Barbara and Carolyn

    We have passed your inquiry on to our Customer Service team so that your questions can be answered more thoroughly. For other questions, please contact directly.


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  • Hello –
    I would like to cancel the credit card that is stored in the groupon system. How can I do this?


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