Meet a Groupon Employee

Though Groupon culture is best witnessed in person, wearing goggles to shield your eyes from sparks, we’ve asked a few of our eclectic, hard working employees to answer a few questions about what makes them tick.

Name: Shawn

**Dept./Position:**  Customer Support

**Other Talents Include:** I’m a writer and performer and all sorts of other things.

**What should people know about Groupon?**
We want you to have a good time and we want to help you. The whole company is kind of built on that basic foundation, so people should know that we’re very approachable when it comes to things like having an issue using a Groupon or needing help figuring out how to redeem it.

**How high can you jump and why?**
I don’t jump for height, I jump for distance. You can put that quote on my IMDB page (please let me have an IMDB page).

**What’s a typical day like for you?**
Besides the normal responsibilities of helping customers resolve issues through e-mail and telephone, a big part of my day is spent providing support specifically for national deals, both in the preparation of the deal and then answering questions within our department on how to handle issues related to them.

**Which zoo animal are you least similar to?**
Probably anything in the bug house. Let’s make this very clear: I’m full size, I don’t have scales or weird armor, I have TWO eyes and I can talk. And I don’t want to kill people for fun and I don’t make tunnels to live in and I don’t share a hive colony with anybody, unless you consider having roommates being part of a hive colony.

**What’s been a memorable experience so far with this company?**
When we ran our first national deal (The Gap), it was a really exciting form of chaos because we were walking in unknown territory and dealing with a volume the likes of which we had never seen before. In time, that volume started becoming our norm and we evolved again. It’s not one specific thing, but being here as the company has grown leaps and bounds is like watching a kid grow up. I remember when we were crawling and now all of a sudden we’re out hot rodding with all of our teen friends.

**Which non-Chicago landmark do you wish was in Chicago?**
Probably the ocean or something, I don’t know. Just kidding, that would stink, because then even more tourists would come to Chicago and be like “oh, I’m here for the ocean” when all I’d want to say is “I’m just trying to get to the H&M, lady.”

**What have you learned since working here?**
Working in Customer Support makes you a good teacher. You have to be patient, know how to explain things in universal terms and just generally be an effective communicator. More than that, I’ve gotten to see in much greater detail the needs of local business

**Go ahead and make up a Shakespeare quote.**
“I have to say, Lady Othello, I–ah! Oh! I spilled ink all over this script but my hand won’t stop writing lines! Oh! Oh no!” (Why this joke is funny: it’s like Shakespeare was writing and then he kept writing his own internal monologue, even after he made a flub, and then the actor performed it verbatim not knowing it wasn’t supposed to be read aloud)

**What do you like about working here?**
I like that the “voice” of Groupon is even stronger inside the company. The stories that I get to tell friends about some of the more bizarre happenings around here, like the donkey in the lunch room or our Yearbook Signing Day, make them wish they had my job, which is always the goal of telling people about what you do.

**Do you have a doppelganger in the office?**
There are a lot of bald men, so I’m sure that one of them is as pale as me.

  • Shawn, I am new to Goupon….but i really need a price cut for myself and childs ticket to Brooklyn NY..via a charter bus or Grey hound. I want to take him to stay with friends this week but I have to come back home same day or next day for work Monday…can you help with a Goupon ???

  • Denise, we can pass your feedback along to the NYC reps for future deals, but we don’t want to promise the availability of a bus deal with such quick notice. Thanks for your feedback!
    Thea @ Groupon

  • I got your golf offer at club de golf montcalm and it showed 11 hours to purchase. However when I went back to buy it; it showed “sold out”. I saw nothing that said this was a limited number of deals. I buy alot of stuff from you guys, always without a problem. Que pasa? Other than this love you guys.Pat

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