Meet a Groupon Employee

Though Groupon culture is best witnessed in person, wearing goggles to shield your eyes from sparks, we’ve asked a few of our eclectic, hard working employees to answer a few questions about what makes them tick.

Name:  Kelly T.

**Dept./Position:**  Editorial – Reviews Writer

**What have you learned since working here?**
I’ve learned that the best motivation is happiness. I work hard because it makes me happy to make my team, coworkers and Groupon users happy.

**Which zoo animal are you least similar to?**
Seal –  Swimming and clapping are not my forte.

**What’s been a memorable experience so far with this company?**
On orientation day, I sat in a room with a ton of people from different backgrounds, eating bagels, laughing and learning. I knew then I was a part of something good.

**What’s your smallest regret?**
Cutting my own bangs. I continue to do it.

**What’s a typical day like for you?**
I greet my office roomies with a hearty good morning, start up my computer and get to work. My job involves a lot of researching, some writing and tons of loving it.

**Which non-Chicago landmark do you wish was in Chicago?**
What Chicago is missing is definitely a Dutch windmill.

**What do you like about working here?**
It’s good to know that we all love each other in a non-creepy way. We are all a great big family where everyone is the middle child.

**Which karaoke song do you love but can’t sing well?**  I would love to sing “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt or “Lovefool” by the Cardigans, but my voice only allows me to do Britney Spears or Jay Z.

**What should people know about Groupon?**
Groupon is a very well-oiled machine. Every one of the thousands of people who work here play an integral part in what’s presented to Grouponers everyday. We care about what we do, and the only recognition we need is to hear people talk about how much they loved their Groupon experience.

**Which movie villain could you beat in a fight?**
Lotso from “Toy Story 3”

  • Mary, please email and we can address this with you. For future reference, you can cancel an order when the deal is still live from your account.

    Thea @ Groupon

  • I live in the City of Chicago. I would love to see grouping for the people in the city. Most if the groupons are for far northern suburbs. Nothing for our surroundings. I would purchase so much more if they were in closer to the city. Honestly lately I’ve been ignoring groupon and that used to be my first choice every day. Thank you

  • Rosalie,

    Thanks for your feedback. We’ll definitely pass your feedback along to our city planners. In the mean time, have you checked out Groupon Now! yet? When you go to online or by accessing it through the Groupon mobile app, you can put in your zip code and find live deals close to where you are. Hope that helps!

    Thea @ Groupon

  • Why are people using the Groupon blog to get support for completely unrelated issues? I’m just curious I suppose.

  • can somebody from nigeria be member? What is the benefit.i just want Groupon to make me understand what i m doing.thank for the message

  • Jume,

    You will have to have an address in the states to make a purchase. If you need any help, you can always email for assistance!

    Thea @ Groupon

  • Hi.I’m so interest on groupon business.I read on some site thet for business,there are some conditions and oblige that business owner must have them to run a deal.I mean that it seems that groupon will send research team to merchants,isn’t it?
    If it ‘s right,please tell me the conditions.

  • Solmaz,

    We ask that all merchants submit their information here: to that our sales reps can properly vet the business. If it’s a good fit, they will reach out to you. It’s important for the business to be established with reviews and an online presence so that we can get a feel for what your business offers. Thanks for your interest!

    Thea @ Groupon

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