Merchant of the Week: Sonterra Laser Med Spa

Today’s Merchant of the Week is Roma Kumar of Sonterra Laser Med Spa in San Antonio, Tex.

By keeping a close eye on redemption and incoming revenue, Roma channeled 707 new patients into explosive permanent growth among her staff, services offered and even physical office space after their successful Groupon campaign. Roma’s story is after the jump. Roma writes:

Groupon changed my business overnight with just one email!

We doubled our staff, bought 3 microderm machines, 1 laser machine and built out a second floor to our medical spa from the added revenue our Groupon brought in. I had spent so much time and money on traditional media such as magazine ads, TV ads, radio promotions and local talk shows. All of that did not compare to the 707 patients added this past March with a single Groupon. Typically each patient that walked through our doors would do the Groupon treatment and then ended up rebooking for another treatment, or doing some type of laser package with us. Dr. Kumar had Groupon patients that ended up doing botox, fillers and eyelid surgery with him.

In this economy, you are helping small businesses like mine succeed and its a win-win for both the customer and the business owner! I can not thank you all enough for what you have done for our medical spa.

Your biggest fan, Roma Kumar – Sonterra Laser Med Spa”

Roma’s team has a great sense of humor – another reason why we like them. Check out the Groupon commercial they made just for us:

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