Moxie Award Finalist

We’re excited to be a Moxie Award finalist in the “Breakthrough Digital Company of the Year” category. The Moxie Awards are presented by Built in Chicago and New World Ventures–a constant and helpful resource for engineers, marketers, designers, investors, and academics in the tech community.

There two ways to vote:

1. Click this link and find Groupon’s name under “Breakthrough Digital Company of the Year.”

2. Follow these simple steps:

  • Clear your cache/cookies/browser history/keepsake box
  • Figure out what direction the sun is setting in your hemisphere
  • Register your Geocities domain with the official The Internet
  • Phone a friend
  • Make sure you non-invasively look into your heart to determine how you want to vote
  • Click the aforementioned link

Voting will be open until June 13th. Thanks for your continual support!