National Burger Weekend

Remember Burger Day in NYC? One day just wasn’t enough. Neither was just one city. So we decided to celebrate National Burger Month by featuring 350 top burger destinations across all the country in our first national themed promotion: Burger Weekend.

Burgers are well known for their versatility ability to adapt to their surroundings. Some of the restaurants known for their skillful burger manipulating joining us this weekend are: Kalbi Burger, The Counter, Char Grill, Cheeseburger Baby, and Pop Pub–the new grand opening from the NYC crew behind Pop Burger.

Additionally, because burgers are to be enjoyed with all five senses, we’re giving your eyes a taste with a series of short videos starring eight burger eateries that you can watch HERE.

In conjunction with this special Memorial Day weekend promotion, our G-Team campaign features Not Alone – an organization that provides free and confidential mental health counseling services for veterans and their families affected by post traumatic stress disorder and combat stress.

Have a great weekend! Let us know which burger you flipped into your face.

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