New Year, New and Improved Merchant Tools from Groupon

Hi everyone – happy New Year! We’re starting off 2012 with exciting news: the launch of our new Merchant Center, a revamped dashboard that gives merchants a comprehensive view of performance across their entire Groupon experience.

The new Merchant Center condenses and simplifies many features from the previous version, providing merchants with a snapshot of their featured deals, Groupon Now! deals, and Groupon Rewards program. It also provides demographics information of deal buyers, including age, sex, and zip codes – invaluable information for merchants to analyze their active customer base.

A significant addition to the new Merchant Center is customer feedback. Groupon recently began surveying all customers about their Groupon experiences immediately after redemption. Merchants can now see the overall percentage of Groupon customers that would recommend their business and scroll through customer comments added in real time, further helping merchants understand how they’re performing and how to think about repeat business potential. To date, over one million consumers have provided feedback to Groupon merchants.

All current Groupon merchants have access to the new Merchant Center through, and they’ll still have access to the previous dashboard for a while to help them comfortably transition to the look and feel of the new one.

Here’s to another great year of new and improved merchant products – we can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Amit Koren

Senior Product Manager


  • In the screenshot, under Customer Feedback it says there were 147 responses and 10 comments. What’s the difference between responses and comments?

  • In this case, the 147 responses represent people who answered yes or no to the question: “Would you recommend Kei’s Sushi?” Of those people, 10 left comments for the merchant. Typically, about half of the customers who respond to the survey fill out comments.

    Thanks for your question!

    — Amit

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