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Howdy! I’m Carolyn and I run the affiliate marketing program here at Groupon. Affiliate marketing is pretty much just a fancy term for grassroots partnerships. We partner with people who enjoy sharing Groupon deals with their friends via blogs, websites, Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, you name it. Then, anytime a customer comes into us through one of those channels and purchases a Groupon, we pay commission to whoever it was that referred that customer.

So for example, let’s say you saw a Groupon for $40 for a one-hour massage at that incredible spa that just opened up. It’s such a great deal that you email your girlfriend, your mom, your grandmom, your grandmom’s bestie, etc., and tell them about it. If any of them wind up taking advantage of the Groupon, you get commission.
But wait, there’s more! Sometimes grandma takes a couple days to make a decision. The way our affiliate program is set up, so long as grandma completes her Groupon purchase within 30 days of your initial referral, you’ll get commission.

Plus, as an affiliate, you get access to our reporting system, where you can see how many clicks and sales you’ve driven, and how much commission you’ve earned. Becoming a Groupon affiliate is totally free, and we’ve got a whole team of folks ready to show you how it works. So if you’re interested, join our affiliate program now, or for more information, shoot us an email!

  • I bought a groupon for Exotic Tans here in Rhode Island which was supposedly for 3 spray tans, 1 teeth-whitening, and one month of tanning. I went for 1 spray tan and the teeth whitening-no charge. The next day I went for the “free” tanning and was told there is a $6 co-pay each time. I called Groupon and spoke with Zach. Bottom line is that Groupon is not enforcing the terms of the contract with Exotic Tans, and refunded my purchase. I will pursue this on my own with the appropriate state authorities (e.g., attorney general’s office), but this is just plain wrong.

  • Hey Cheryl-

    Really sorry to hear about this experience you had!

    We never want our customers to have experiences like this, and feel badly when they do. I’m glad to hear that you’ve already received a refund from us, though, by emailing We will always return your purchase in these instances.

    Unfortunately we cannot monitor the day-to-day operations of each business we feature, which is why your direct feedback is of paramount importance to us.

    When a customer alerts us of problems with a merchant, we immediately archive that feedback for future review, while also reaching out to them directly to find out why this happened in the first place. If a business continues to deny customers the Groupon service they paid for, then we’ll alert our customers who purchased the deal and give them the immediate option of a refund.

    I am sure that we are looking into this matter as I type, so hopefully this was an isolated incident and no more problems will surface. If there is more trouble with this business, you can be sure that we will be on top of it and more than willing to help all of our customers reach some satisfaction.

    Please let us know if you ever need anything else!


    Groupon Forum Moderator

  • Hey Barry-

    Thanks for your concern.

    We are working with Google directly to ensure that these links (less than 80 total) are removed from Google’s index and cache permanently.

    If you have any further questions about this at all, please let us know at and we’d be happy to assist.


    Groupon Forum Moderator

  • I signed up for the affiliate program thru and I got rejected. I also signed up for the referral program on Groupon’s site and I was accepted. Can you please have Carolyn K review my site for acceptance thru for thr affiliate program .


    PS. Im very excited!!!

  • Hi Deleon, go ahead and shoot us an email at and we’ll take another look at your application. Be sure to include your CJ ID if you have it on hand, or at least the URL of the site you applied with.


  • I think you guys have messed up the way Facebook referrals are handled. After purchasing a Groupon, if I click the link to share via FB, it uses a URL shortener, so when it posts to FB, I have to re-type the text to let my friends know what the Groupon is for (i.e. “$15 for $30 Worth of Dinner and Drinks at Hickory House Ribs in Parker”) and you also don’t get a thumbnail image. Not cool.

    Then, I clicked the link from my facebook profile page and ended up on another FB page that did, in fact, have the link title correct, bu when I posted that, I ended up with a double post and had to delete the first one. Additionally, the final post with the text ended up with a destination URL of “”. It would appear to me that this URL does not have any way of tracking MY specific referrals, just that it came from SOME user referral. This is bogus as I am sharing deals, but not getting credit for it.


  • Hi DNoe,
    Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll get your concern to the right person. In the meantime, if you joined our affiliate program and created your own tracking links, you could earn commission on your referrals.
    Shoot us an email at and we can show you how.

  • Hi,

    I tried to sign up as a Groupon Affiliate through CJ. I have a brand new site that serves the 10 counties surrounding Nashville. I have been approved by the other advertisers that I have applied to through CJ.

    My “IT Guy” royally screwed up the appearance of my site and it took me two days to fix it. My concern is that my site was evaluated by Groupon during this time. My other thought is that I am just too new.

    How long do you recommend I wait before reapplying? I have a local focus and know how popular Groupon is in the area so would really like to be an affiliate.

    Also, I read somewhere that Groupon pays 15% commission, and CJ has a max of 10%.


  • Hi Anara,
    Feel free to hit me up at and let us know your site and CJ ID and we’ll go from there. Our commission structure is actually tiered based on performance. Hope that helps!


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