PAWS! Volunteers

Warning: This post contains little text and a majority of cute pictures of puppies and kittens. Thanks to Emily in our Customer Service department for giving us our daily dose of cute community service.

What’s better than working at Groupon?  Playing with adorable animals before your shift, of course!

Back in April, the Groupon Customer Service Night Team had the warm-fuzziest bonding experience when we volunteered for PAWS! Chicago, the city’s largest no kill shelter.

A dozen of us invaded PAWS! on an April afternoon.  Our brains were stuffed with kibbles and bits about how to handle the animals and sanitize their play areas.  We were allowed the opportunity to mosey between the many dog and cat rooms at the cage-free facility.  Our day ended with fierce competitions between ourselves and the animals to see who could amuse the other more.

Defeated, but still smiling, we carried our newly-minted hearts to work with hopes to return again.

  • This just adds to the many reasons I love you guys. How inspiring to see you donate your time and hearts to such a wonderful cause…although maybe the humans benefited more from the experience?? =)

    Love it!!

  • Aaawwwhhhhh! I dont know if there is anything cuter than puppies and kittens….except maybe Puss in boots with the sad kitty eyes.

  • I personaly want to thank Paws for all the help and support given over the years and most recently with my kitty george who is alive today because of the help of paws and Imom an the many other organninzations in the past! Thank you paws:)

  • So glad that my daughter, Jenna, works for such an awesome company! Hopefully she’ll be able to join you on your next trip…she has “experience” since she volunteers at The Buddy Foundation in Arlington Heights!

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