Personalized Deals

The printing press. The steam engine. The personal computer. In the pantheon of revolutionary inventions, these once-impressive breakthroughs seem embarrassing in the wake of the most important, most momentous, and most important breakthrough ever broken through: Groupon Personalized Deals.

Launching today in six cities (Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle), Personalized Deals represent a fundamental change to the way that Groupon works. Instead of a single daily deal across an entire city, Groupon subscribers will begin seeing a different deal personalized to their likes, dislikes, whittling ability, and number of pole-dancing classes needed to reach the medically advised minimum. [Login to Groupon]( and click “My Profile” to enter your preferences so we know enough to send you deals that match your tastes, and grant ourselves power of attorney.

Like a baby, Personalized Deals will start out dumb, but like a baby dipped in some sort of mutating ooze, Personalized Deals will get smarter quickly. As Groupon gets to know you better, we’ll target your inbox with scarily accurate deals and scarily accurate hand-drawings of you. Soon, you’ll look back at the Groupon of today like the outdated steam engine of savings it is.

For somewhat useful details, [read our press release]( For a lot more, read this post about [why we decided to build this feature](

Edit:ย  we’ve added a [Personalized Deals FAQ]( to answer some of the questions that are coming up a lot below.

  • The beauty of Groupon is to get exposed to places not already on the radar but for the daily deal. For example, I hope that the intelligent selection will not be so selective that I’ll receive mostly restaurant Groupons even though historically, 80% of the Groupons I get are for restaurants!

    Only time will tell, but I would rather choose than have HAL (my nod to Kubrick) choose my Groupon universe for me.

  • THANK YOU. Anything but continuous spa, facial, hair care, spa, spa, massage, facial again and again.

  • Most of the Groupons that I have bought arent things that I would normally consider an interest. I love finding out about new places and fun stuff to do. I’m a try anything kind of girl, so this feature is kinda not sounding too good to me.

  • I like this idea, but hope it doesn’t take away the daily local deal because that feature exposes me to offers that I might not designate in my personal likes/preferences yet will still purchase. Basically, having tailored deals sent in addition to the local offerings would be good but I’d hate to see it replace the local offerings. For me, I daily check 3 separate cities on a regular basis and I’d miss out on something neat by me setting my own limiting perimeters up front if one is to totally replace the other. Something worth thinking about, perhaps?

    However, I’ve often thought that some data-base system of being able to search site wide (all towns/cities/locations) for something specific would be advantageous. I try to explore cities outside of my area, but it’s too time consuming to do on a daily basis. Some feature option that would allow this would both boost sales from consumers and the volume of that avenue should allow more businesses to be featured? I’m probably not explaining it very well, but the structure is clear in my head with the end result of “making action easy” which is the fundamental rule of all business?

  • I agree with alot of the above comments. Groupon deals are a way for me to go outside my “norm” and try something different. I don’t mind the customized deals, but I hope they would offer those along with the regular deal of the day so we can choose.

  • How about making the coupons appropriate to the area that one lives in. This way we would be more apt to participate.

  • Agree with what is being said as I too like being turned on to new things that might not be on my preference list. I travel a lot for work and it would be awesome if a few weeks before I went to a certain city I could start checking the Groupon page for that city with out having to jump through hoops. Right now it is so not user friendly I don’t even consider it, but if I could jump cities from my home page I would. I might choose to go to a particular city for vacation or a business trip if I gathered up a few cool Groupons for that location.

  • Hold on there. I like the steam engine. It exposes me to things I would never have considered, or had the wherewithall to search for in this area. I KNOW all of the places that I aleady like, so I’m not sure this new feature is going to be a great advantage for me. If there WAS a way to determine broad category likes/dislikes that could be helpful. For instance, Salons may be something that gents just aren’t interested in.

    How about a compromise! Outdated meets new age! Still have the steam engine approach with the traditional groupon and a secondary groupon targeted to your specific likes…best of both worlds! Everyone gets exposed to two deals, the merchants are happy and getting out there to more people. All is good in the world.

  • You guys are KILLING me! Or I should say you’re killing my checking account. I agree with “the norm combined with the new and different” – and I have one more for ya. As Groupon has earned its way on to my budget spreadsheet, I would like to know what’s gonna be offered for the week or month so that I can budget my spending for my best options. I have categories of Groupons – goes with the budgeting concept – so if I know what’s coming, I might pass up sushi (not likely) for boot camp (yeah, sure). Well, you know what I mean.

  • I would like groupons more to where I live. Some too far away, and would like something different than spa, spa, and spa

  • I think the idea is worth a try. My suggestion is that along with the specific deal that you send per preferences, that you also have a tab with all the available groupons for the day. This way those that have the time and want to “browse” the list can do so. I am afraid that I will miss a Groupon that I otherwise would have bought.

  • Also HUGELY important. We buy Groupons with our friends. This past weekend 10 of us went (each with a Groupon) and had a blast. If we all start getting different Groupons in our email…….how will we be able to Groupon together?????

  • One of the reasons I love Groupon is to try something NEW and DIFFERENT. Since it’s discounted, it’s not a huge loss if I don’t enjoy the service or activity. If it is personalized to my “likes”, then I’m not going to expand my horizons (or my waistline from trying a new restaurant) as I’m currently trying to do. DON’T change it; just ADD one or two monthly “specials” that are tailored for us. I’m also not going to be giving out so much personal info so you can customize my offers anyway!

  • I agree with the majority. I like the sight to expose me to new and different things.

  • I do wish you would consider polling are area before you go forward with this change.
    I hate sounding like I am duplicating posts, but I do to like the idea of having the opportunity to visit and experience places out of my realm of normallity. At the same time I favor the idea of seeing my interests as a daily deal.
    PLEASE, let the customers opinions help determine your decission.

  • Can we “opt out” of this to continue getting the wonderful mix of offers we see now?

    Also- I happen to like the spa options, although I (obviously) can get them all. The econmic downturn has hit our household hard, so I’ve had to give up a lot of the frills. To be able to get a mani-pedi at a great price is a treat + it helps me look nice while job searching!

  • I also like the idea of the randomness of Groupon deals because you’ve already introduced us to businesses we otherwise wouldn’t even hear about.

    Please DO keep the random daily deals if you are going to also have targeted deals. I like the sound of both. Random to find new things — but also targeted, so that as a guy there will be something of interest to me. That way Groupon can feature more advertisers (ie: more revenue for Groupon) + have the “gotta try that!” and “I didn’t even know that existed!” appeal.

    Re: targeting of Groupon deals — there is a peculiarly profound proliferation of “spa” deals (at least in Toronto), and I’ve only ever bought a spa deal as a gift for my wife. If you’ve ever tried getting your beard waxed, you’ll know why this is less appealing to me personally.

  • I would like to sign-up for Groupon coupons in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale area. Can you add me to that mailing list?

  • I live in a suburb, I work in a city…. I do not just want to see deals for my suburb. That is the mailing address you have on file for me, but I buy a TON in the city to do after I get off work. Also, I use groupons to drive to different suburbs that I might never explore otherwise…. I understand customization to the extent that those of us without kids won’t get groupons for kid-play-places, and the boys won’t get the salon deals. I get that. But a geographic limit is more than I want — heck some of the groupons I’ve bought for activity-centered places are 60+ miles away from me, and a lot of the shows, improv, etc, are definitely not in my geographic area of town. Again, thats what I LIKE about groupon, it shows me things I wouln’t know about otherwise… also to second the comments about friends, my friendsl from work live all over town…. we get a groupon and go out after work. if we can’t sahre the deal, that sucks, and if we have to email each other each day to say what our groupon is, that is just going to get annoying and we’ll probably quit using it in that manner. Nice idea groupon, but please think it through some more!

  • I also like the idea of a tab to see all offers. I am wondering if you are really doing this for the merchants but trying to sell it as a benefit to us–maybe the merchants only want people in their area because that is who is most likely to return and pay full price.

  • I also agree with the majority-what if the tailormade are too limiting? I’d like the option of seeing the choice of the day.Also, we are thinking of having a daily “groupon Alert” at work for our staff(teachers) that would have to be the generic.

  • @ Andrea Thorp –

    YES!!! Very good point. We also enjoy getting our Groupon with friends!

    If we all get different “targeted” deals, we will then have to end up asking each other what we got, seeing if there’s any common interest, and then doing the “Ok, well, you got that deal, so you buy 5 and we’ll all have to pay you back”. As it is, everyone can currently buy their own, and it’s simple.

  • I hope you decide against implementing this change. I like groupon the way it is and would prefer random deals as opposed to those catered to me. I enjoy it that my friends and I all receive the same groupon in our email and often decide to each get one. If this change takes place, it will cut down on how much we can do together- I’m not going to forward my daily groupon to all my friends every day to compare and see if we want to get it! Stop trying to change a good thing!

  • I agree with most posts about learning about and trying new places. I also LOVE gifting Groupons, I have saved a lot but the recipient gets a high value gift. Many of the gifts I give are not things I’m interested in, but if I know a loved one would enjoy it I pick one up. If you tailor everything to my likes, I’ll miss out on some fabulous gifts for others! And if every deal was something I wanted, I’d get stressed out deciding which ones to buy so I wouldn’t break my budget! I do appreciate you looking forward and trying new ways to make Groupon better for your consumers. Mix a little new with the wonderful old stand-by we’ve all come to know and love! Thanks!

  • I agree with the majority of the above comments. Groupon deals are a way for me to go outside my โ€œnormโ€ and try something different. I donโ€™t mind the customized deals, but I hope they would offer those along with the regular deal of the day so we can choose.

  • I like the idea of personalized groupons, but would definitely want to keep the random ones we receive now. The problem I have with the current ones for Minneapolis area, most of the deals are down in that area or very close to Minneapolis. I would like to see it expanded to all the surrounding suburbs so you’re not stuck driving 45-60 minutes.

  • I like the idea of this, since personally I love getting all those spa and salon groupons, but I also love getting a bizarre groupon in my inbox everyday to try new things out. As long as I can go back to the main page and check what the other deals/main deal is then I’m cool with this feature. Another one would be to maybe use a map feature or a miles out from your home limit. Because I’m not going to drive almost an hour away from Minneapolis (I live in a first ring suburb) just to go to a salon or restaurant.

    Oh, and pretty pretty please make an app for Android based phones and not just iPhones!!! I would looooove to be able to use it on my htc evo!

  • Nevermind to that last comment, I just searched for a Groupon app and found it in the android market!

    You guys should advertise that on your website, and not just the iphone one!

  • I also like being exposed to things outside my norm in the area, and that’s what I like about groupon. I will probably not make the minimal effort to check the website for other deals, so to maximize business, groupon should have an option to send all the deals in the area to people who are interested instead of catering to my tastes. I find that gets boring fast.

  • I also agree with most of the above statements. I like to see ALL the new offers. Great suggestion as to have both available to the buyer. I am also someone that has considered offering Groupon to my customers. This would potentially hurt how many people view the deal. I look at it as a way to reach out to potential new customers.

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  • Don’t worry – personalization on Groupon is more about knowing what NOT to send you. We realize that the randomness is a big part of what makes Groupon fun, and that’s not going away. For example, you’ll never be able to just say, “only send me restaurant deals.”

    Thanks for the great feedback!


  • Hope it comes to Fort Worth…(not Dallas) Fort Worth is a different city from Dallas.

  • I’d only like the personalization feature — whether it’s personalization through exclusion or targeting — if I still get a random deal every day. A deal for some place or service or type of place or service I already use/frequent won’t be very valuable to me, because I’ve already invested in whatever it is.

    Please keep the random aspect!

  • I agree with other on this. I like being surprised each morning and then being able to pick and choose. It is about exploring and new experiences. If it’s always something I would buy, I will probably go broke. Also agree on too many spa, massage, manicure and exercise coupons. Need more museums, markets, garden nurserys, pet stores, etc. Groupon is fun just the way it is.

  • it would be nice for you all to test some of the smaller cities. we all don’t live in Chicago,LA, or NY. its like we little people have to wait to see how everyone else likes it.

  • I am looking forward to Personalized Deals coming to Atlanta, GA.!

  • I do hope Atlanta will be included soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Like many of the other Groupon users, I’d like to see random offers to continue. I like being able to trying things out of my comfort zone. Because of Groupon and this feature, I have learned of many opportunities in my area, that I had no idea existed. I also check groupons for cities near me. You never know what excitement waits not to far from home.

    I don’t think the personalized offer is necessarily a bad thing, but I would hate to see it replace the random daily offer.

  • I, too, like the mix. I would have never thought that I wanted to buy a planetarium membership, but I did get one as a gift. I would also like the “side deals” mentioned in the email notification.

    Now that Groupon has gotten so popular, I have seen where merchants can’t keep up with the demand. So the service they ultimately provide may be below their normal standards — which I’m sure defeats the reason they signed up. So they need to LIMIT the number sold, if necessary, to what they can handle. Then maybe Groupon offers a “second” deal of the day when the first one has hit the limit.

  • So far the only information the personalization engine has asked about me are my gender, zip code and year of birth. There is nothing about that information that will provide you with much insight. I’m a woman, yes, but you’d never guess that my secret entertainment indulgence is bull riding. I live in a very affluent zip code, but I rarely do anything locally because my neighbors are too uppity, mass market, and boooooring. And let’s not even talk age! If I only get deals geared to people my age I’ll probably never find another Groupon appealing! Please keep the random offers coming. I love the eclectic mix of fun, off-the-wal, and unexpected offer for being just that!

  • I like the idea of random as well as personalized Groupons. Random Groupons are great for the daily surprise and also for gifting to others. For instance, I’m not interested in sky diving, but I would definitely buy a Groupon for someone that I know, who would be ecstatic by the surprise to receive a Groupon for this activity. The personal Gropupons are great too, although like so many others have said, “Random Groupons make me want to try new things and new places that I might not otherwise try, due to the expense.”

    Thanks for the fun experiences of Groupons ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I like that the current groupon exposes me to things I would normally not try. I’ve never taken sailing lessons or paddleboarding lessons or certain other activities that I would normally enjoy. Just because I don’t purchase the groupon for a restaurant doesn’t mean that i’ll never go there.

    I also get groupons with friends and we do group activities together, so this personalized thing may hinder that.

    I like the random offers, so please keep them coming! and yes, I’m sad I missed the trapeez school offer.

  • As long as it expands the choices, doesn’t limit them.

  • +1 for easy access to additional cities!!!

    I travel between Nashville, Los Angeles, and Huntsville, AL on a regular basis, and the site doesn’t let us look at multiple cities easily.

    How hard can it be for you to allow us to sign up to multiple cities’ lists?

  • Don’t forget the North Jersey Area! I love getting deals, but don’t need daily facials, and contrary to popular belief, some of us don’t like going to “New Yuck City”

  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. We’ve just posted an FAQ to highlight answers to the most common questions above.

    The short answer to the #1 question: this will offer more choice and variety than before while also improving the relevance of the deal that we highlight for you. Read on for more details…

  • @Rebecca: yes they are smart, but most babies can’t do long division. Then again, that’s true of a lot of smart adults too.

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  • This will be an excellent resource for my upcoming fall project. Looking forward to some sweet deals!

  • i live in boynton beach fla im a senior .a lot this does me lets go mets

  • Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer. Just don’t offer me such good deals that I go broke taking advantage of all of them. What can I say? There is sooo much out there that I like!

  • Personalized Groupons: It is probably the the dumbest idea i have heard. The only reason Groupon works is because of its mass appeal, the fact that 100’s of people get the same thing that allows the numbers to exceed the minimum.

    One of the worst things a company can do is to either know understand or forget what makes them successful.

    Personalized Groupon is an Oxymoron.

  • @Adi, I disagree. I signed up for this becuase a freind suggested it and there has not been one single offer I was even remotely interested in. Maybe personalization will offer me something that I might actually buy into.

  • Hmmm…I like seeing all the different Groupons. That makes me sometimes do things and eat places I did not think I woul like. That’s part of the fun of Groupon. Having them personalized to me would take some of the fun out……What if I would have wanted the boat ride around the river this time but was not offered it because I never bought it before?

    So I would prefer it to stay the same

  • @Lea, we’ll still give you lots of different types of deals. One of the things we love is when we can introduce people to something new (a great restaurant they hadn’t heard of, skydiving, fire breathing).

    It’s not perfect, but also doesn’t have to be — you can always see the “featured” deal for a city plus sometimes there will be additional deals we offer as well. Even while we’re highlighting something for you, there will be more choice overall.

  • You should allow more than 1 zip code, like home zip and work zip.

  • Obviously no one can use all groupons or afford every one, but I have found several of them useful and bought them for personal use and as gifts.

    Keep them coming!

  • Great idea, and I’m sure I’ll participate if/when this option is available in my city. But, it also gives you guys a LOT of very detailed (and marketable) information about your customer base and demographics. What assurances can you give participants that this information won’t be sold or (mis)used in other ways??

  • If you folks would realize that a place doesn’t have to be a HUGE CITY in order to have countless participants and things to do and see — in order to be participants in Groupon! If my Mom did not live in Birmingham, I would have no reason to look at these! However, in Fairhope/Daphne/Gulf Shores areas, we have hundreds of thousands of year round tourists and residents who would eat this up – so to speak! Put us in!

  • One of the things I like about groupon is that I can try new things without spending too much.
    On the other hand, I would like to have more of the things I already use! So, for people like me who want it all…can we have both?!

  • So if I sign up for this, am I going to miss out on other deals? Do I only have access to the deals picked out for me? I’m a guy but sometimes when there are the mani-pedi groupons and things like that I want to buy them for my girlfriend – would I not have access to those anymore?

  • So I went to fill out my profile. For the employment dropdown, you left out those of us who only work part time (by choice or because that’s all they can find).

    Just thought you should know that right now part-timers are a huge population segment.

  • I agree wiht Sharon, I use groupons that are either close from work or from home, so 2 zip codes would be better…

  • Like Lea, I also feel that personalization will ruin groupon. My concerns are similar. I am in Washington DC temporarily and groupon is how I find out what is here and what is going on that I may not have known about otherwise. I know that you reassured her that there would still be the major deal to choose from, but I think the whole idea behind groupon is about the masses. Seeing a deal tipped, feeling a sense of community when you see 1,000 other people bought it too, and being able to talk about it with others. Please don’t change it…you may pick up a few others that normally wouldn’t buy, but you may ruin it for the rest of us.

  • This is a good idea, but I live in Oak Park, just out side of Chicago. I LOVE the down town deals because it gets me out on the town. Will I still be able to see/ purchase these?

  • I like the idea but would still happily go across town for a great deal. Will I no longer see those once they are only targeted for my part of town?

  • I live in the ‘burbs and buy Chicago groupons to make it affordable to go into the city. I have also purchased Groupons for Milwaukee which is closeby and other cities I plan to visit soon. I’d like to get offers similar to the things I’m likely to buy but not limited to any area.

  • Hey Groupon people! You rock and the deals rock! I think this is a great idea; we all get more deals for things we are more likely to buy. If the prices continue to be low, this just means Groupon gets better.

    My question is whether or not we’ll still be able to see all the Groupons that are available. I get Groupons for multiple cities (my home, place I frequently travel to, the city my family lives in, etc.) so I can see deals I might want to get as gifts or deals I can use when I travel. Will we be able to see everything that’s available, even if it doesn’t match our personalized profile?


  • I’ve read the description a couple of times and mulled over the comments.. And I have to say, I think this is a stupid idea. I don’t want Groupon “deciding” what I like and don’t like and showing me certain deals. Tell the men complaining about mani/pedi deals to STFU. If you don’t like a deal of the day, there’s a delete button. Part of what makes Groupon so exciting is seeing the daily deal: “Oh man, a Groupon for hammers??!” or “Hell yes, cake decorating class Groupon!!!”
    Another thing that made Groupon unique was the way it made me try new things I’d never do without the Groupon. A kids’ museum, a new restaurant, etc. I LIKE the idea that sometimes the Groupon is out of my comfort zone – something I never thought I’d like. I don’t want to tell Groupon which deals to send me. Talk about ruining the surprise. I feel like I just found out there’s no Santa Claus.

  • No Portland? lame. Add Portland and keep me loaded with Yoga groupons!

  • @Bantana, no worries — the link to the FAQ is in the middle of these comments, so it’s easy to miss. That reminds me, I should add a link in the original post.

    @Char Lyn, that’s an oversight and a pretty easy fix. I’ll look into it.

    @Caroline, Jordan, etc.: Definitely you’ll continue to get to see variety of deals, both in category and which part of town they are located. We believe you’ll find that the first deal we highlight for you will suit you more and more, but in many cases there will be other side deals and deals nearby to show you. We do think this will allow you to get more of what you know you want as well as some good serendipitous surprises.

    @Sharon and Moraima: At some point we will let you indicate and manage multiple locations as well, both via making it easier to manage subscriptions to other cities and by indicating different places that you frequent (e.g. home and work).

    @Kristy, we’re expanding Groupon (and Personalized Deals) to new cities all of the time.

    @Liz, we’re just using this data to offer better deals. We will never sell it to anybody. For more information you can always look at our Privacy Policy.

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  • I hope you truly focus on personal preferances and not make assumptions based on gender, city of residence or age. Personally, I don’t mind driving across town to another city if it means a good restaurant or good deal, so please don’t keep good deals from me because they are somewhat of a drive (25+ miles).

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  • I don’t love this new idea already. I saw someone else’s deal for today and I liked it a heck of a lot better than the one I got. : (

  • Would love a personilized groupon…. but I like everything that is a great deal (THANK YOU Groupon ;)…) … so I will probably (hope to) get them all ;)…!!!!

  • @Maria and “.”, location, gender and age are just a starting point. They definitely aren’t perfect but they do help a lot. Most people prefer stuff close to them over stuff that’s far away, for example. We’ll get better at making these recommendations over time and these won’t be the only things we consider.

    In the meantime, if you see another deal that your friend got or one across town, go for it!

  • If you get really good at personalizing our Groupons, will you also give us the opportunity to see offers from other areas, or do we have to call our friends and relatives in other cities to get them for us?

  • Maybe just add a “search by zip code” feature so that we can see what groupon is being offered in areas other than where we live. So if we see a groupon in another state we could buy it for the people we know who live there. Or if we are going on vacation somewhere, we can search the groupons for that area and purchase them and redeem them while we are on vacation! I like the unique offerings and the element of surprise each day. Just open up the rest of the offers (in areas beyond our profile zip code) to anyone who may want to buy and it would be purrfect!!

  • One of the things I love about Groupon is the surprise of it all, that it introduces me to things and places that I would never have considered going to or participating in before… it has really broadened our horizons and our knowledge of the area.

    I am an avid (my husband might say too avid) Groupon buyer and it saddens me to think that they would change it tp market more to individual tastes, as far as I’m concerned that takes more than half the fun out of it and I am not the least bit interested in Personalized Deals, thanks anyway.

  • Just wanted to comment to Michelle Z. above. I get the daily Groupons from several cities in my email, including Frankfurt in Germany. You can sign up for any city that you’d like, you go girl!

  • Groupon has been a great sources of cheap surprises for my wife. Flowers… massages… spa stuff… these are all amazing sources of half-price brownie-points!

    I don’t think she’ll respond as well to Cubs tickets, cheap bowling and paint-balling.

  • I buy stuff for my wife not me. How is that going to help?

  • If my account is linked through Facebook connect, why can’t you just use my Facebook info to figure this out rather than me having to tell you?

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  • @Cynthia, don’t worry, our intent isn’t to take away the good surprises because we know people like getting those. But if you’re never going to buy paintball (as an example), do you want us to send that to you every time we offer it?

    @Cody and Aaron, you can still find stuff for your wife. Look for other deals we run besides the one we featured for you, or you can even fill out a profile based on your wife’s information and we’ll get better at highlighting deals for her. Also, over time we’ll also learn from what you buy so that these purchases will influence what we send.

    @Jamie, we’ll work on better Facebook integration. In some cases they don’t have the same data or same format (e.g. I don’t have a ZIP code in my Facebook profile and could even make up a meaningless hometown like “Grouponville”. Making better use of this information is something that we’ll improve on over time.

  • @ David J

    I am a business owner who has been featured on Groupon in the past. I was going to be featured again, but was told I would get up in April. By the end of May when I was still being told “we are really trying to get you up” I had to tell my Groupon rep that I needed to make other plans as I was losing money waiting.

    While I think “personalization” may open the door for businesses to be featured sooner, I believe honesty in representation would be a better policy.

    Personalization may potentially limit the success of each deal for vendors that do get up on the site. Since you are essentially giving your services away when you are featured, one of the main appeals of Groupon for business is that your are Spotlighted, not just one of many.

    It seems to me that this is Groupon’s attempt to get around it’s own model of One Great Deal Per Day by “micro-dealing”, which you are calling “personalizing”.

    AND, while you may never SELL this personalized information, your Privacy Policy indicated that you may “share this information with Groupon Merchants, Authorized Third Party Service Providers” and that you “May Remarket [our] Information”.

    I don’t trust it. Sorry.

  • @Naomi, sorry to hear you we haven’t managed our relationship with you better. We need to do that better — personalization or not.

    Regarding limiting merchant success: in a lot of cases merchants don’t want all of the traffic we can give them, at least not all at once. In many cities we’re over 100,000 subscribers — sometimes WAY over. Some business are great features for that big of an audience, but many are not and yet still want to use Groupon to get exposure.

    So we see this as good for Groupon, but that will only be true because it’s also good for merchants and consumers.

    Finally, regarding use of information, we’ve recently been audited and certified by TRUSTe, specifically confirming that our privacy practices meet their high standards.

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  • I don’t think it’s such a great idea from my point of view. I don’t want every groupon to be something I really want because I don’t choose to torture myself every day about how much I’m spending on things just because it’s such a good deal and I can only get the deal today. That mentality will get a lot of folks in trouble financially and they will probably choose to quit groupon.

    Another reason I don’t like it is because I used to buy those restaurant coupon books every year and found that if I didn’t use them soon after buying them, by the time I went to use some of them later in the year, the stores were either out of business or just not accepting them because too many people had bought and used them and they felt they were losing money so they just stopped accepting the coupons.

    I loved the original concept of your business but noticed right away that you would have to change things if you wanted to grow and make any real money because there is only 365 days in a year and that can’t work with just one or two coupons a day no matter how many cities you have. Instead of doing the personalized groupon thing why not do the coupon selection by zip code and also by catogory. That way WE get to pick what we want without YOUR building a personal likes file on us. Also the merchants don’t have to wait in line to get their ad on the site.

    I wish you well but I will probably opt out if you go the nosy route. My personal likes are NOT any of your business and I don’t want them to be either. … Peace and Love …

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  • I don’t like the personalization for several reasons.
    1) 1 zip code? I buy for several markets includeing Dallas , Austin,Boise, Chicago and presently New Orleans. Because I have family and friends there or because we are going to visit there soon and I want to get some deals on food and attractions etc.
    2) i like to look at other cities for deals that are redemable online.This is to use for gifts such as the canvas on demand and the photo book deal because my daughter scrapebooks , or the tea website because my son and grandaughter like teas.
    3) sometimes I don’t know that I would want it until I see it. because some of the deals are really good I might try someplace or something that I might not otherwise try, or might have thougth too expensive until I see the deal.

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