Personalized Deals FAQ

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on our launch of Personalized Deals – we’re so excited it’s finally in the wild!

We’re receiving enough repeat questions to dictate the creation of an FAQ. We’ll add to this post as more shared questions surface.

### What do I see if Groupon doesn’t have any personalization information about me?

There will continue to be a city-wide “spotlight” deal for when we know nothing about a subscriber. If we know a little personalization information, subscribers will see their personalized deal instead (we’ll also show them the city-wide spotlight deal if it’s different).

### Will I be able to see all the deals running in my city?

Yes and no. There won’t always be a full catalog of deals, but if someone receives a different deal than you, they can share it and you can still buy. Plus, everybody will still always be able to see the deal designated as the “feature” for that city and we’ll highlight a number of additional interesting regional deals on the Groupon homepage. This is our way of trying to maintain the simple “yes/no” decision of one deal a day that’s made Groupon so popular while running deals that fit the interests of more customers. If we do a good job with our personalization targeting, we don’t anticipate customers “missing out” on deals they would have wanted but weren’t sent to them; we’re excited to hear what people think once they start receiving personalized deals, and as always, the site will evolve in the direction dictated by our customers.

### I love Groupon because it helps me discover new businesses that I didn’t know I’d like. Will that go away with personalization?

Not at all – we realize that discovery is a core part of Groupon. Personalization on Groupon is mostly about removing the most egregiously offensive deals while continuing to provide your daily dose of serendipity. This also allows us to feature more businesses than before. You will start to see more deals in your email and on the homepage over time, which gives you exposure to even more new businesses.

### I often buy Groupons as gifts – how will I do that now that I’ll only see deals that are personalized for me?

If we get personalization right, you’ll still see plenty of deals that will make great gifts, both as the one that we feature for you and also in the area where we show more great deals nearby on the side.

### I’m a merchant – does this mean that less subscribers will see my deal?

No – in fact if we do our job right, more subscribers will see your deal. As we get better at sending people deals they care about every day, we think overall engagement will increase, growing the Groupon pie and benefiting all businesses.

### How can you know what deals I want based on just my ZIP code, gender and age?

That’s not all we care about, we’re just asking for these first because they are really important.  For example, people generally spend most of their free time close to home.  All else equal, a deal near where you live will be preferable to one way across town.  The other things are also fairly predictive in a lot of cases.  At the same time, we will get better as we learn more about you whether by seeing the things you buy on Groupon or as you fill out your “My Profile” page (located under “My Stuff” if you’re signed in) with more information.

### What do you do with information about me?

We take your personal privacy very seriously.  This information is being used expressly to help us give you deals that suit you better.  Related to this, we recently became certified by TRUSTe.  Earning certification involved a review of what information we gather, how we keep it secure and how we make use of it.  We think it confirms that we’re protecting you extremely well and following best practices here.

### What if I don’t want a personalized deal to replace the city feature I’m used to?

Even when we give you a personalized deal, you will always still get to see the city spotlight deal. This will give you a choice of the deal we think you’ll want most, plus the usual feature (if that’s different). We’ll also sometimes promote a few others that are available in different parts of your city. In other words, you still get to see the deals you would have seen before — and often will see more.

  • I would love a groupon for South Coast Med Spa for their laser hair removal technology…

  • I love the deals I have bought so far. I am more interested in the spa treatments etc. these are things I would not buy for my self at the regular pricees but when I get a deal I will jump on it. I would like to see more deals in the Northern Utah Weber County area.

  • Would appreciate a GROUPON weekend package deal, i.e. Clipper Seattle to Victoria, with one night in Victoria package, or Amtrak from Seattle or Tacoma to Portland with an overnight stay in Portland.

  • What if I want to shop deals in several cities? I travel to a couple of specific cities frequently and like to watch the deals there as well. Can I enter multiple zip codes? Or choose “tourist friendly” deals in those other cities?

  • I have already been a “side deal of the day” and loved it. My company sells products over the internet and as such we have no physical “storefront”. We sell to all 50 states via our website. I have asked to be included in additional cities Groupon offers but have been seemingly ignored. Since our business is on the internet thus excluding your customers from having to be within driving distance of our “store”, why have no other Groupon cities featured us either as the main deal or side deal? Will this new personalization feature help us gain additional exposure via Groupon?

  • Hi,

    I know I am repeating myself, but haven’t heard from anyone for many months now.

    I have seen quite a few salons have their deal presented and I have been waiting since February to have my deal on your site.
    Will this new program get me going? Please.


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  • Thanks for the feedback everyone.

    @Schizm, Char, Pam, Brenda, thanks for the suggestions. It won’t be instantly, but Personalized Deals will help us to offer more variety of category and location — as well as match stuff that suits you.

    @Lori, you can sign up for the daily email in as many cities as you want, or browse other cities from our site header (where it says “Visit More Cities”). Right now you can only indicate one ZIP code location, but we’ll work to support multiple addresses in the future.

    @Bill, Jason and other merchants looking to be featured: one of the reasons we did this is to be able to feature more merchants that meet our quality standards. This should help reduce the wait. In the meantime, you can contact your sales rep or email GrouponWorks.

    See our related post on why we built Personalized Deals.

  • What if Groupon totally bombs and sends us deals we don’t like and we miss out on other deals we may have liked? Wouldn’t it be wised to do a trial run for a short period where we get to see all the deals and actually click yes or no to get a better perspective? I’m reluctant to believe that providing my gender and age (and I’m assuming information from a limited amount of past groupons I’ve bought) will offer a substantial degree of personalization.

  • I think Groupon may be missing it here. If I personalize and enter “male” I suspect I will not get the mani-pedi offers that my wife likes me to send her or possibly even the child relevant ones.

    At the very least, the “married and children should be offered as check box options.

    In the absence of this, I will not personalize.

  • We can opt-in to have the personalized deals, but if we decide after opting in that it’s not for us.. can we opt out? Also, will the details of our personalizations be sold to third party vendors or other affiliates?

  • I already do not like the offers I have been getting under this new system. A look at my Groupon purchase record will show you that most of my purchases are for fine dining in certain neighborhoods of Chicago, but under the new system I am getting deals based on my home location only — golf (yuck) in the suburbs. Right now I am getting much more appealing deals offered by one of Groupon’s imitators. If you want to personalize, let us pick 5 zip codes anywhere in the country and tailor our deals to things in those areas.

  • DAVID J: I think is awesome that you are considering “multiple cities”, I’ll be waiting 🙂

    and although I really like having personalized deals, I agree with JANE that this should be an option for people, and not a forced thing

  • @Gail, yes we currently operate in 22 other countries though Personalized Deals is not yet available in those.

    @Maggie and Scott, currently we’re actually sending out all of the deals. This will change, but for now just pay attention to the other deals nearby both in your email and on the right side of our homepage. Also, we will get smarter about offering deals based on your purchase history and other things. In Scott’s case, that will eventually lead to more fine dining offers in Chicago — though we’ll keep variety and not go TOO narrow.

    Also, you’d be surprised that a few pieces of basic information can add a lot, plus that is just the starting point and we will do more in the future.

    @Greg, you can indicate that information and more from your “My Profile” page which is located under “My Stuff”. You have to be signed in to get to this, in order to protect privacy particularly with some more personal questions there.

    @Jane, we will never sell this data. If you’d like some bedtime reading, you can check out our Privacy Policy for more details. Also, if you decide that you want deals that are less relevant for you, just contact Groupon’s Customer Support to remove this information.

  • it was my birthday last july 19, you miss or probably does not know. every time its my birthday, i go to a spa called glen ivy hot spring in corona in south 15, if its your birthday its free, or the entrance is $39 monday to thursday. then nearby there is some eating places not fancy like hamburger and the best fish and chips, mexican restaurant, sandwich places, if you show your id you dine for free. no coupon. the spa by the way is outdoor, great place

  • I have irregular hours at which I log in–is there a said time that offers are posted? it seems at times the window of opportunity varies. Would some sort of ‘survey’ type response to offers.. ie. ‘no thanks’… ‘maybe’…..’good idea’…. ‘more perfection’–allow customers maximum participation options/clearer profiles? Do you find specific days of the week provide more interest in / quicker ‘sell out’ responses?

  • this is what i was alyaways wanted for! thx for contunus improvments:)

  • I just signed up & having trouble figure anything out about this Groupon. It’s not so user friendly. can any one help me?

  • 53 years old; love shopping, attending shows, and travelling.

  • This is my first visit to Groupon and I am confused, how do I personalize my likes and dislikes.
    I also live in Trenton NJ (the state capitol) and your site lists my area as Philly Pa. How come no NJ listings?

  • I regularly commute between two large cities that each have different groupon offerings and I want to continue to receive offers for both cities.

    It was very confusing, but I’m finally subscribed to the e-mail for both cities. I’m afraid that if I enter personalization details, I’ll only get my home city (where I spend about 75% of my time) and not the one that’s 1500 miles away where I still spend a significant amount of time (and am interested mostly in restaurant deals).

    How would that work with personalization?

  • I am a sole dental practioner located in Roswell, GA.
    I am interested in learning more about Groupons and how it can be of benefit to my dental practice.
    The above website is still in progress.

  • I would be interested in deals of this nature:
    spa services
    boutique clothing
    diet and nutrition
    gyms and exercise equipment


  • Sounds great! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Hi;. How do I start to give info? I cant find it.

  • I just found out about this site by acident but if I can get coupans for groceries of here it will help a 35 year old married woman out very much cause we both on SSI & SSDI! We both also got a payee that handles our bills so we don’t get much money ech mounth!

  • I love to get massages so any Massage Special I would love to buy.

  • I am looking for a good deal on a party bus for 22 people, Sept 25, pick up is in Thousand Oaks, ca

  • I don’t have a website (how can that be required?)
    Interested in musical theater…ballet, opera, ethnic dance. Also admission to museums, parks, & nature adventures & SKIING.
    Is this where I’m supposed to sign up?
    I find too much rah-rah advertising & not enough straight info re “how to”.
    thanks for assistance,
    Joan (female, active senior)

  • I’m new. I have seen some fantastic hair and facial deals on your past list that I definitely would have purchased. I hope you have more. Also would love local theatre deals and local restaurants.

  • I really would love to see more restaurants focused in Ft.Worth proper! Not the DFW area ~ but actually inside Ft.Worth city limits. Also, more massage therapy/spas in the Ft.Worth, Lake Worth areas.

  • Well all my family lives out of state so I guess in order to give appropriate groupon gifts I’d have to have 2 accounts 🙂 I’m so sad I missed the Little India groupon.

  • Sounds great!! I am interested in travel deals,local theaters,restaurants &museums . Thanks.

  • we are interested in coupons in Bonita Springs area & Ft Myers

  • I am listening to NightLine. This is the 1st time I have heard of you!!! Please come to Biloxi, MS and Mobile, AL.

  • It would be great if you could get a groupon to help all the lil homeless pets at shelters! Maybe you help them get a new home for Christmas! 🙂

  • I live in the 5th largest city in Alalargestbama. We probally have as many restrants, per capata as any city in Alabama and MORE than in much larger towns in other states. I mover here from the 3ed largest town in Tennessee, with a metro. population of 150,000. We had 8 Senior center centers. Here we have 6. you are missing much business and we are missing an oppertunity to save Money.

  • Will you have Groupon in the Naples/Bonita Springs, FL area?
    Love the deals in the Atlanta area –
    Live part time in ATL and Naples…..THANKS!

  • I need to change the city from Charleston, SC to Augusta, GA

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