Pet-Friendly Deals on Groupon

Groupon is celebrating man’s dominance over the animal kingdom with deals for pet owners. Whether they sleep at your feet or are lovingly called “Man’s Best Alarm Clock”, these pet-friendly deals cater to those with two to multiple sets of legs.

$19 for $50 Worth of Natural Remedies for Pets from PetAlive – PetAlive’s herb-based products are designed to treat an array of ailments, including cuts and scratches, digestion problems, oral health, and skin allergies.
16”x20” Gallery-Wrapped Retro Pet Art Canvas – ImageKind’s whimsical retro pet paintings blend classic pet portraiture with vintage-style advertising.
Majestic Pet Bagel Bed – Majestic Pet bagel beds swaddle sleeping critters with a polar-fleece base and a plush bolster designed for heavy, fuzzy heads
Canine Sports Apparel and Accessories from DoggieNation – DoggieNation lets canines of all breeds and sizes declare their collegiate and professional sports loyalties with an ample catalog of jerseys, collars, and leashes.

If you aren’t already an animal’s legal guardian, use this guide to make sure you’re picking the pet that best suits your personality:

Your Personality: You are steadfast, loyal, and true.

Your Ideal Pet: A dog

Your Personality: You are steadfast, loyal, and your body floats.

Your Ideal Pet: A fish

Your Personality: You are steadfast, loyal, and everyone hates you.

Your Ideal Pet: A cat

Your Personality: You are regal and honest, with clear eyes and a keen mind. You have the heart of a warrior, the brain of a child, and the arm muscles of a strong, old innkeeper. Many have tried, but only one has tamed you, and only that one can set you free.

Your Ideal Pet: A stallion

For more national and local pet deals, check out our full list HERE. What’s one product your pet can’t live without?