Positive Footprint – G-Team Update

Back in January Groupon helped Positive Footprint, a high school student service organization, fund 13 youth-driven volunteer projects. Recently, we caught up with them for an update on the work that they’ve been doing in their community, and the big takeaways that they’ve learned along the way. Here are some of the highlights in a top-9 list of what their members had to say.

Top 9 Lessons Learned by High School Students Volunteering in Their Community

9. Never commit to an all-day volunteer event without knowing the food situation.

8. Hosting a park clean-up is good. Sometimes what you find in the park is not so good.

7. A 25-foot ramp can be built in three hours with 12 people and an incredible amount of luck.

6. It’s possible to raise $1,000 in one day for a cause by selling cookies, talking to people and a heck of a lot of door-holding.

5. There’s an incredible amount of generous people in the world.

4. Sorting 15,000 toys in the cold rain is fun unless you decide to wear shorts thinking that it will warm up.

3. It’s incredibly rewarding to give to those in need.

2. Bargaining for the supplies needed for homeless survival kits, assembling the kits and then driving around handing them out to folks in need takes more than 4 hours.

1. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference in someone’s life.

Here is a personal thank you message from Positive Footprint to all those who supported the campaign:


David Guzman

Executive Director