Run Free Marathon

Do you fancy yourself a runner? No? That’s okay, read on.

How many people does it take participating in something to make it real? For example, if you eat 14 hotdogs on your own in the span of 15 minutes, you’re not in a competitive eating contest, the only thing you’ve challenged is your stomach. But if five of your friends came over and ate hotdogs under the watchful eye of a timekeeper and someone’s Instagram account, you’d call it a competition and justify the bellyache.

This year, non-runners across America are non-running a fake marathon to see if we can photographically prove something exists if enough people participate in something that isn’t real. Introducing the Run Free Race.

Yes, it’s fake. It’s a fake marathon. It’s a run-free, non-running, 26.21875-mile fake marathon. But don’t tell your friends that, just have fun and pseudo-train with the rest of the fake race participants.

As part of a social-media experiment, Run Free creator encourages those who register to snap pictures of their alleged training methods before the event, then to photograph moments from their own version of the marathon come race day. “Runners” might stage still frames of themselves clambering over outdoor obstacles, leap-frogging a friend, or stopping at a refreshment station manned by their supporters.

If you register, you’ll receive all the tools necessary for capturing great photos during training, preparation and race day:  race bib with unique number, race t-shirt, race sticker, race program and your name and race time will be posted on the official web site afterwards.

We encourage you to fully commit to this physical fraudulence. The more you believe, the more it’s real. Well, actually, no, maybe not.

  • Get the gear – Show off that new shiny tracksuit to the world. Buy new running shoes. You’re going to need them for such a long fake distance.
  • Talk about it – Start a blog, tweet your #runfree workout routine @groupon, make your friends sick of hearing you constantly rattle on about this marathon you’re so determined to conquer.
  • How far can this great WWW go? – Let’s test the reach of this so-called Internet experiment.

Most importantly, get creative, have fun, and we’ll see you on non-race day!