Self-Improvement Deals

When autumn rolls around, the trees shed their skin and bears return to their caves to think about what they’ve done. You still have time to maximize your potential with these self-improvement deals.

 One, Two, or Three Online Crafting Classes from Craftsy – An online database houses more than 90 HD video classes that teach cake decorating, knitting, jewelry making, and quilting

Custom Weight-Loss and Wellness Program at Sprawling Estates in Hollywood Hills – Daily meals, fitness training, and activities at Fit4LA, which aims to motivate others to pursue holistic wellness in a supportive, noncompetitive setting.

One-Year Access to 77 Online Leadership Courses from FranklinCovey – Online time-management, productivity, and leadership courses incorporate concepts from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”

6 or 12 Months of Online Language Courses in One Language from Babbel – Interactive language-learning tools that track user progress and can be accessed from any computer

$19 for Beaute Basics Neutral 36-Color Eye-Shadow Palette – Beaute Basics’ pressed-powder eye shadows glide over lids to add dimension, enhance beauty, and match the color scheme of any ensemble

To get you even closer to being crowned Ultimate Being by your country, pair our great deals with some of these proven methods for improving yourself on your own:

  • Sleep is good for chewing up hours you could spend improving yourself. Train your body to naturally stay awake by covering your bed in frozen sticks of butter.
  • If you’ve got poor vision, cover your eyeballs with wet teabags. After taking them off, everything should look much clearer than it did with them on.
  • Stay mentally and physically sharp by doing crossword puzzles every morning with your hands tied behind your back using the pen that’s wedged between your first and second toes.
  • Have many children. Their tiny hands are perfect for picking lint off your clothing.

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