Sleuth House

Recently, when looking around the Groupon attic for completely normal reasons, we stumbled upon our old edition of popular affluent whodunit (“affludunit”) board game, Sleuth House.

As we perused the game board’s crazy, spooky rooms like the bedroom or the hunting preserve, we realized it was the perfect way to showcase our favorite Groupon deals for the home.

The game is hours of horrifying fun for the whole family, but don’t take our word for it, take these from the back of the box:

From the morbid minds at Gristle/Blenderman games, Sleuth House is a gruesome mystery that’s murderous fun for the whole family, from the suspicious to the suspicious at heart. Thrill as you and your children eye the colorful suspects and wonder of what dark, horrific deeds they are capable. Laugh as you and your loved ones deduce the weapon used in the crime, be it an antique gun or the brutally inefficient golf cleats. It’s spooky fun for kids aged 6 and up as they explore the perversely decadent palace of a now-dead socialite. Because at Sleuth House, intrigue is always on the menu.