Software Apprentice at Startup Weekend Des Moines

Groupon's Apprentice - J.R. Richardson

Rather than trying to mate an iPhone with a calculator in a petri dish, Groupon started an apprentice program to grow high-potential software developers into entry level software engineers. Eager and caffeinated, these young minds go through an intensive six month program of working on a pet project, pair programming on Groupon engineering teams, and living in a nearby corporate apartment.

The program, which started in 2007, is currently being scaled to take on many more apprentices at Groupon during 2012. J.R. Richardson, a recent Groupon apprentice, attended Startup Weekend Des Moines and helped create a business from scratch during the three-day startup marathon. Working through the weekend, he led his team and developed Eventurist, an event planning site that requires a firmer commitment from those who plan on attending. They pitched their business to the judges the following Sunday in front of the tech community. You can read the full story of J.R.’s product HERE.

Former apprentices have gone on to speak at conferences like the Scottish Ruby Conference and Mongo Chicago, as well as taking on leadership and key technical roles within Groupon. We’re always interested in meeting motivated candidates for the apprentice program. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can check out more information and apply on our Groupon Jobs site.

Congratulations on the recognition, J.R., and we wish you continued success!

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