Spring is Back

Celebrate Spring’s annihilation of Winter’s minions with spring cleaning and warm-weather deals.

Spring has rapidly arrived as if unconstrained from a coiled position! Spring, as season aficionados know, is the season most famous for not being the other seasons. Although summer is known for warmth, winter for cold, and autumn for metaphor-laden leaf death, spring now has its own trademark: the spring deal collection from Groupon.

To ring in this least popular season, take a look at the some other famous unpopulars:

**Least Popular President: Rutherford B. Hayes:** Lost both the popular vote and George Washington’s secret love-potion recipe that had been passed down to all prior presidents.

**Least Popular Monopoly Piece: the Shoe:** If the dog swallows it, there will be very little outcry for its retrieval.

**Least Popular Emotion: Guilt:** Legally and morally, you are absolved of all guilt if you shout your wrongdoings into a paper sack and then pop the inflated bag.

**Least Popular Horatio Alger Protagonist: Weepy Peter:** Born into poverty and just as he begins to rise to middle-class respectability, Peter spends the remaining 190 pages crying in bed over a girl who decides to date a different coworker.

**Least Popular FDR Quote:** “We have nothing to fear but the terrible knowledge that for most of us, our lives will have been lived in vain. And to a lesser degree, fear itself.”