Summer Intern Farewell

Today’s post is guest authored by Stacey Caplan, Public Relations Intern:

August: The time of year when we savor our last days of lounging at the beach, start counting down the days until our favorite football team’s first game, and packing up our back to school supplies. But at Groupon, August also is the month when the summer internship program will come to an end and over 100 undergraduate and graduate student interns will return to top-notch schools all around the country. As Groupon parts ways with its 2012 summer interns, here are some snippets about some of their experiences.

“As a part of this team, I have the opportunity to go out to the Bay Area for two weeks to work with our engineers as we shape the consumer experience of this new business line that will play a major role in the future of the company.” –Edy, Wharton MBA, University of Pennsylvania

“From what I can tell, Groupon is comfortable in the spotlight of a large stage, efficiently delivering personalized, professional solutions to a wide audience. But it doesn’t have to wear a starched white oxford to do it.”- Killian, University of Notre Dame

“At Groupon, everyone’s a valued member.  I have been given an incredible amount of ownership and leeway to make the tough calls.  If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to make an impact, Groupon is the place to be.” – Casper, Duke University MBA

“I’m stoked that the stuff I’ve been working on is actually being used internally to improve our day-to-day operations.  Also, I’m pretty excited for lunch every day. My fellow interns and I are on track to eat at basically every single restaurant in northern California at least once at the rate we’re going, which is always a great way to take a break in the middle of the day.” – Evan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

And me? As a rising undergraduate senior at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the world I know is data analysis, strategic case studies, and excel spreadsheets. Interning in Groupon’s Global Communications Department took me out of my comfort zone and showed me a new side of a company I hadn’t been exposed to before in class or prior job/internship experiences. I have observed my team use new terminology, perform new tasks, and work in a new organizational culture than I am used to. As I head back to my beloved maize and blue wonderland in Ann Arbor for my last year, I enter with new perspective on business, the tech industry, and the corporate world.

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