Suns Out, Phones Out? Groupon Survey Finds Families Will Spend More Than One-Third of Summer On Their Devices

With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and the school year winding down to a close, we asked 1,000 parents how much time their families plan to spend on their electronic devices this summer––and the results were staggering. The average American family will spend more than one-third of summer, which is the equivalent of 35 days, using their electronic devices. The survey also found that the average child will watch an estimated 60 movies and play 150 hours of video games over the summer months.

“We love technology, but we also think it should be in the service of something we love even more, which is spending time with our families and experiencing the compelling local activities offered during the summer months and throughout the year,” said Greg Rudin, head of Fun Things To Do at Groupon. “As parents, we’re often just as guilty as our kids when it comes to screen time, which is why it’s important for the entire family to put down our devices every once in awhile and go make some memories together.”

When asked how too much screen time affected their children, 77 percent of parents said screen exposure influenced their child’s mood, 62 percent said they face regular battles to get their children to put down their device and almost half said too much screen time impacts their sleep. And their children weren’t the only ones impacted by too much screen time, parents said they feel like they personally waste one of out every four weekends per month and throw away 9 non-working days over the summer due to their own inactivity.

Parents were asked the top five ways that families can make sure they get the most out of their summer without being consumed by their electronics, and they identified the following:

  1. Hitting the beach
  2. Attending a BBQ
  3. Going on a road trip
  4. Visiting a zoo
  5. Going to a water park

But according to parents, ditching the technology and spending more time with the kids over the summer months won’t come cheap. The survey asked parents to imagine their perfect family weekend and found Moms and Dads estimating it would cost $2,328. Parents said they would spend $1,465 on travel, lodging, taxis and fuel––with an additional $510 spent on admissions and tickets to attractions and evening entertainment. Parents also estimate that they’ll spend $353 on meals during the perfect family weekend.

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