The Groupon Headband

The Groupon headband is a proud piece of outerwear. It keeps sweat out of your eyes and keeps your face from drooping. Our Portland rep, Kerry, took the time to compile and write about the various forms of self expression when a Groupon headband is involved.

While at SXSW late one evening, the Groupon crew not only passed out free Mmmpanadas, but also stylish Groupon headbands.  Little did we know how much people love headbands and the many different uses and ways to wear them.  So we decided to ask our new friends “How do you wear your Groupon headband?”





Pseudo Backpack

Food Cozy

Two-Legged Race Paraphanalia

Tee-Shirt Sleeve Extender

Cowboy Accessory

Do you have a creative way to wear a Groupon headband? Let us know!

  • if i had a groupon headband, i’d use it to keep my pant leg away from the gears on my bike! or perhaps a snack bag closure!

  • how do i get one of those “groupon” t-shirts? would love to have one

  • Where can I score a rockin Groupon headband and stylist size large green t-shirt??

    @Scot_R on Twitter

  • Is this a late April fools day joke? Do you actually sell groupon headbands? If I had one I would simply wear it on my wrist doubled up. That way I could whip it out at the first hint of wind to tame my unruly hair.

  • Karen,

    Sorry, we don’t sell the headbands! We give them away at events mostly.

    Thea @ Groupon

  • I didn’t know Groupon did events! I would love to have your merchandise – my friends call me the groupon gal (or occasionally the groupon slut) because I am constantly posting and telling folks abt all the amazing groupon deals I see.

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