"The Grouponing" Customer Appreciation Party

The Grouponing - Groupon Customer Appreciation Party

It was the perfect mix of dancing, libations and the releasing of souls at the Groupon Customer Appreciation Party “The Grouponing,” held last Thursday night at Carnivale Restaurant in Chicago.

Groupon the Cat Makes An Appearance

About 650 Groupon customers fought an Armageddon-like blizzard to come and party with us (totally arranged that for dramatic effect, btw.) We had a blast meeting you guys in person and making out in the corner.

The Tablet of Salvation

The Groupon Tablet of Salvation: Confess your worst sins, win $100!

Thank you to our customers for making Groupon’s first year a great one. We’d also like to send a huge thank you to our sponsors, responsible for everything from our unbelievable raffle prizes to gift bags to men’s and women’s salon treatments on the spot:


Swirlz Cupcake Buffet

Swirlz Cupcake Buffet



Pamper Room


Raffle/Gift Bags

Check out the rest of our party pics here. If you weren’t able to make it or live outside of Chicago, stay tuned…we may have a meetup in your area soon!

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