Return of Groupon Kidz Club

Groupon is no stranger to what kids truly desire thanks to our proprietary research software—KiData™. Based on our exhaustive kidformation, we’re putting together an un-kid-voidable promotion—Groupon Kidz Club—for a second time! That’s right! All your favorite characters are back, including Roll, a boy who loves baked goods, and FopTop, who’s a kid only at heart.

In addition to all the laughter and enjoyment of each other’s company you’d expect from the members of the Groupon Kidz Club, this time around they’ve got big news—they’ve finally completed initiating a new member! Wow! Just imagine what he or she will be like! Does he/she like cold cereal or hot cereal? Does he/she like cereal at all? The possibilities are endless!

If your interest level has risen considerably, check out the Groupon Kidz Club to discover who that new member is. And while you’re there, catch up with the rest of the gang! They’re anxiously waiting for you.