Today Declared BBQ Day

Groupon is gearing up for Fourth of July weekend today with the first-ever BBQ Day – a celebration of regional BBQ flavors with special deals across seven noted BBQ capitals throughout Groupon’s Midwestern and Southern markets. There will be no napkin left untouched by a barbecue-kissed face.

To start the holiday weekend off right, Groupon has partnered with more than 20 top BBQ destinations. Deals will offer unbeatable discounts on the unique regional renditions of this classic cooking style from each city’s favorite BBQ spots.

Because everyone has their own theory of how to be the best Grill Master, we’ve compiled a few sure-fire ways to guarantee a successful BBQ:

  • Stir the sauce to prevent its surface from congealing into stone.
  • Make sure to put googly-eyes on all the hamburger buns in order to blow your guests’ minds.
  • You know who everyone takes seriously? The guy wearing an apron with something funny written on it.
  • As a compromise for sullying your grill with portabellas and veggie burgers, forbid herbivorous guests from enjoying the smell of meat.
  • Hot dogs are finger food, but not until after they’re done being licked by flames. Use tongs, or better yet, a carbon-fiber hot dog mitten.

Any other BBQ tips?

  • Bury patty of butter in center of burger, wrap 2 strips of bacon round your beef and let ‘er rip…

  • Slow cooking is the key, don’t be in a rush!

  • I think the BBQ Day idea is great and hope Groupon will work to expand it to other parts of the country, too–I’m in the Northeast and we love BBQ, too! There are good BBQ restaurants around the NY metro area, but if Groupon can’t entice them to participate, then try to get some national deals on board for the rest of us–e.g. on BBQ sauces/spices, BBQ tools…..

  • Groupon made a huge mistake by not including any of the North Carolina barbecue establishments in your national barbecue day as we all know NC has the best barbecue! We are sorry that there are no barbecue Groupons for our beach trip! I guess I will have to cook.

  • Smoke wood, not cigarettes! Your lungs, clothes, kids, spouse, neighbors, and most importantly- your MEAT will thank you.

  • greetings from the left bank of bayou lafourche

    i live and am now only minutes from the beaches of south louisiana i am getting paid today for not going to work thats is !!! saweet
    i am a carpenter and a good one not the best but not the worst i take pride in my work for five and a half days a week before sunrise to supper time i am fully clothes boots sillyhat etc and i really sweat so drink plenty cool water thus i am not going to spend time on the beach with some of my dear peeps rather going to my baby girls home to play some video game thingy kinect i befieve with my grandson my spitting image my legacy well with his mom and aunt my perfect daughter all in the air conditioned chilled climate with those for whom are the reason i live and work and makes me a better person than i had even imagined i could become
    may everyones today be the best day of their live and their tommorrows make all their yesterdays pale in comparison

    peace and love,


    …there is starlight in your blood
    it seems like your shadow is wearing you…

  • Paula, we hope you had a great holiday weekend even if we didn’t feature any BBQ venues in your neighborhood. As we are all fans of BBQ, this may be something we do again in the future. Thanks for your feedback!

    Thea @ Groupon

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