Update on the Groupon Team

As a fast-growing company, we’ve done a lot of hiring this year, including on our senior executive team. Since the beginning of this year, we’ve made a total of 8 additions – that’s 57% of the total executive team. It would have been great if I could say that we batted 1,000%, but that’s rarely the case; after five months at Groupon, Margo Georgiadis, our COO, has decided to return to Google (her former employer) in a new role as President, Americas.

We’ve built a fantastic team that has proven itself highly capable, so this change won’t have an impact on operations. In fact, we are using it as an opportunity to reorganize in a way that reflects our evolving strategic priorities. Sales, Channels, International, and Marketing will now report directly to me.

Here’s a note from Margo: “Groupon is a great company and I feel privileged to have worked there even for a short time. It was a hard decision to leave as the company is on a terrific path. I have complete confidence in the team’s ability to realize its mission.” We wish her well.

  • My only comment is when can I get hold of your hot shares! I need some to make money in this losing market!

    Group On!

  • I would be very happy if your wonderful team would contact me!

    I’ve been trying to reach you for days!


  • I was supposed to get $20 for referring a friend to join. I only got $10. How can I contact Groupon to get my added credit?

  • You should create a team / department that assists with payments to businesses that are featured. The process of tracking one down via the web portal or sales rep is slow and does not help one bit. Small-Medium size business, which are your bread and butter, rely greatly on receiving their funds promptly.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your feedback and sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Have you contacted us via support@groupon.com yet? We can help assist you and get you in touch with the parties involved.

    Thea @ Groupon

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