Groupon Hiring in NYC

After successful launches in Chicago and Boston, [Groupon]( is coming to NYC, and we need some talented locals to help us make it happen.

In general, we’re looking for people who know and love New York City. Groupon is a fast-paced and fluid startup – you should be able to think on your feet. You have to be hardworking, self-motivated, blah blah blah, all that stuff that everyone says. Read on for available positions.

#### Outside Sales Executive

We’re looking for a full-time sales executive to help us get the coolest New York businesses featured on Groupon. Each day, you’ll call (and occasionally visit) restaurants, theaters, spas, dentists, and everything in between, negotiating unbeatable deals on behalf of Groupon’s customers.

You should have experience in outside advertising sales. You should be skilled at negotiation and relationship building. You should have existing relationships with bars, restaurants, and other local businesses.

Compensation is competitive. To apply, send your resume to [](

#### Freelance Writers

We need freelance writers to compose positive, funny descriptions for the daily deal. Good write-ups seamlessly entertain the reader and communicate the value of the deal. Also, since Groupon is a community site, it should be written by someone who knows the community and can bring that perspective to their writing.

The tricky part here is that we’re looking for “funny” writing, where funny is defined as, “what makes our managing editor laugh.” The best I can do to elaborate is to offer a few examples of past Groupon write-ups: [Kafka Wine](; [Lincoln Park Massage]( [Chicago Chamber Music]( [Ineeka Tea]( A few things we think are funny: The Onion; Adult Swim (in particular, _Xavier: Renegade Angel_ and _Tim and Eric_).

Compensation is competitive. To apply, [email us]( a Groupon-style write-up for a restaurant in New York City that you’ve never patronized with a Yelp rating between 3.5 and 4 stars. **We won’t consider applications without a sample write-up**.

Groupon Is Hiring Summer Sales Interns

Develop useful job skills! Make new friends and networking contacts! Drink delicious sparkling waters! That’s just a few things you can expect as a Sales Intern at Groupon. As an intern, you will be able to develop and apply a mix of creativity, hard work and sales skills to find cool and useful things to do at super-low prices. Each day you’ll call restaurants, theaters, gyms, and even dentists in a particular geographic area and negotiating massive discounts on behalf of Groupon users. We need driven, hard-working and intelligent individuals. Experience or interest with online sales, inside sales, and the Internet is preferred.

General Responsibilities

  • Actively engage in cold calling businesses and negotiating deeply discounted prices on “things to do”
  • Brainstorm new and creative businesses and activities to be featured
  • Follow up on warm inbound leads and land contracts
  • Miscellaneous tasks to help promote Groupon


  • Interest or past experience in a sales capacity; inside sales is a plus
  • Ability to focus in a fluid, changing, and quickly growing business
  • Working on or completed a college degree


  • Strong negotiating and people skills
  • Ownership and accountability
  • Driven and hard-working
  • Enjoys and thrives in fast-paced, fluid work environment
  • Can think on your feet


  • Incentive-based stipends

Interested? Just send your information to Nick Cioffi at Good luck!

Groupon Delivers a Healthy, Robust Baby Boston Groupon

Catch those gurgling goo-goo noises emanating from your computer speakers? Oh wow, you better see a psychiatrist about that! Hah hah, just kidding. No, that cooing that you hear is the dulcet sound of Groupon Boston, who was born at midnight on March 16, 2009. Right out of the Interwomb, Groupon Boston started working on behalf of Boston-area small businesses and consumers, offering a $40 voucher at the Brighton, MA restaurant Zocalo Cucina Mexicana for just $20. Smartypantses that they are, Bostonians responded with gusto, buying up 78 Groupons so they could enjoy mucho mas mole por menos.

Lil’ Baby Boston Groupon has had a smashingly successful first week on earth, with each daily deal scoring way more purchasers than necessary to make the deals tip over. We’ve got a community manager on the scene to nurture Boston Groupon into a modern-day Hercules of daily discountdom, as well as some sales nannies who are working tirelessly to secure those awesome deals that Chicago Groupon fans have become so used to by now.

“How come Boston, and not my town?” you’re probably wondering. Well, Boston has a ton of universities that churn out thousands of web-savvy graduates, some of whom even go so far as to marry their computers. It’s got a diverse, vibrant local business scene. And perhaps most importantly, we are exceedingly Old School patriotic — so patriotic, in fact, that we come to work every morning riding horses in the manner of Paul Revere, and dump a box of tea into the nearby Chicago River. Horse-riding and tea-dumping are activities that staffers must endure in order to enter Groupon HQ; anyone who fails has to spend the morning in front of our building, locked in wooden stocks and subject to the mockery of tomato-wielding colonists. So we pretty much had to go for Boston, or else we would have felt vile and seditious.

Worry not, Rest-of-America: We’re totally on board with the Brangelina/OctoMom modus operandi when it comes to birthing Groupon babies — i.e., more equals better. So expect more Baby Groupon news in the next few months.

Access and Print Your Groupons Online

From the “you mean to say that you had a website in the year 2009 that didn’t have that feature?” department: now you can view and print your Groupons online!

Until now, we sent your Groupons as pdf attachments, which were difficult to keep track of. Now, you can [login to your account on The Point]( to see/print all your Groupons and see when they expire.

What else would you like to see on your Groupon list? [Send us your feedback](


Get Your Groupon at EveryBlock

We’re pleased to report that [EveryBlock]( – the up-to-the-minute neighborhood news website – is now syndicating Groupon deals! If you haven’t used it, EveryBlock provides you with a news feed of crime reports, neighborhood news, civic information, business reviews, and now Groupons. [Stop by]( and subscribe to your neighborhood’s news feed – be warned, it can be addicting.

We’re big fans of Everyblock’s work, and are proud to count the team behind the scenes as fellow Chicagoans. [Stop by their blog]( to see what else they’re up to.

Groupon is Hiring a Boston-based Editor / Community Manager

[Groupon](, Chicago’s deal-a-day site, is coming to Boston! And we’re hiring a resident editor / community manager to help.

If you haven’t seen it already, [check out Groupon Chicago]( to get an idea of what we do.


### Help us find deals

We don’t know anything about Boston. We don’t even know how to fake the accent. You’ll help find cool places to feature, and then work with us to set each week’s deal schedule.

While sales operations will primarily take place here in Chicago, you’ll most likely be doing some sales as well.

### Write

We write a positive, (arguably) funny description of the product or service we sell each day. Good write-ups hawk the deal without boring people to death. Here are a few of our favorites from Groupon Chicago:

* [Kafka Wine](
* [Lincoln Park Massage](
* [Chicago Chamber Music](
* [Ineeka Tea](

### Promote

Help us build our mailing list by visiting campuses, attending events, and using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also promote the daily deals using a variety of online and offline tools.

### Upkeep

You’ll load each day’s deal onto Groupon and schedule/maintain the newsletter. You’ll also run customer service for Groupon Boston.


You must know and love Boston. We need someone who can guide us towards offers that will resonate with the indigenous population.

You must write well.

You must be a participant in “Web culture,” i.e. you have a blog, use Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You must be comfortable in a startup environment where no one knows what the hell they’re doing. Meaning, you make things happen without waiting for people to tell you what to do.


[Email us]( writing samples and a cover letter explaining why you’re the right person for this job.