Bike to Work Week Results

From June 11th-17th, Groupon and many other companies in the Chicago area participated in the Bike Commuter Challenge in the hopes to rally employees to bike to work. With phenomenal results for a company our size, Groupon is proud to announce that 400 people took part in the challenge, making our over all company participation 22.17%.  Last year, Orbitz took the prize for most riders in the 500+ company category with 14.27% participation.

With the overall goal to get people on bicycles and educate them about how to safely ride in the city, different departments went head to head for bragging rights and a trophy. Each department grew increasingly creative and showed great teamwork by organizing group outings and bike shuttles for those who did not own bikes. But with 66.67% participation, the winning department was Human Resources. Their secret? A winning attitude, team spirit, and Quadcycles.

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Bike to Work Week

Groupon is participating in the Bike Commuter Challenge with the Active Transportation Alliance this week in an effort to encourage employees to don their helmets and learn about the benefits of cycling to work.

Bike to Work Week Team Leaders - Suits and Helmets Day

The first day proved to be a success as bikes were parked–some would say crammed–in every possible location outside Groupon headquarters. Extra bike racks have been installed to accommodate the additional commuters and riders took full advantage of them this morning. In just one day, 126 people biked to work.

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