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Groupon’s Ping Pong Globe Trotters

Led by Joey “O Captain, Team Captain”, the CS Ping Pong Champions train after work for their stamina battle against Sales. This is the table where dreams are born, packaged, and shelved for future ingestion.

Their team bio explains how they came to be:

Our journey to physical perfection began when we were born… 40 years in the future! We came upon a time crystal which allows us to warp back to the past (2011). After decades of traveling in a time loop to infinitely perfect our technique, we warped back to what you here would call “the present” in order to get Customer Service jobs at Groupon and run around a ping pong table and get quickly winded after work.

Click through to see the team in action.

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Behind the Deals: Customer Support

The Editorial Department understands that in order to effectively spread the word about Groupon culture it must first be written about in another “Behind the Deals” post.

In recent years, it’s become fashionable for corporations to move customer-service departments to tax-free, lawless islands off the coast of Cyprus. Nevertheless, Groupon’s customer-support team remains in the United States, in the alderman-ruled citystate of Chicago, so it can continue to dole out heaping helpings of English-language support and friendliness. Here are a few other ways Groupon’s customer-support staff goes above and beyond to aid customers:

  • The live, human staff addresses issues directly, without making people navigate an automated phone tree or a hedge maze.
  • The staff bakes and delivers a personal-pan birthday cake to each Groupon subscriber on, or around, their birthday.
  • Many customer-support people are improv comedians who utilize their skills to address customer concerns in the funniest accents possible.
  • Each staff member is authorized to fax real, legal American currency to customers who ask politely.